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Zoom Worship


LocationFrequencyDate & TimeStatus
ZoomWeekly +Sundays 10:30 – 11:15amActive

Zoom Community Worship now mirrors Chapel Community Worship. We are finding as many people using this service as the more tradition “Bums on seats” service (about 25 windows displaying 40 friends). Even people without computer skills have been popping up. We are pleased with the social interaction that this provides, such that we would want to continue regular Sunday Worship and Bible classes like this even when Social distancing allows.

There are two ways of accessing this service. Either follow the link in one of our website posts, which will display the Zoom service through a browser, or download the app and enter the code and password. It it very easy to set up. We are running the App on our desktop PC running “Ubuntu (Linux)” and on a notebook PC running”Windows 8″. Many other Computers are enabled and available.

Texts to Sunday Morning Worship are now posted on this website every week but may vary from the spoken word in the live meeting.

Visitors are very welcome to attend. You can leave your camera and microphone switched off to remain incognito if you want to remain private. Otherwise we’d love to say hello, even if it’s just once.

Welcome StatusTypical AttendanceTo Attend
Regulars & one time visitors very welcome.40 adultsFollow Zoom link regularly posted on this site.