Hedge End Methodist Church

Our vision is to grow the spiritual and social life of the community through worship, learning, service and outreach.

Who is Welcome?

Wedding Visitors : Permission to use photograph obtained
Wedding Visitors : Permission to use photograph obtained pre-GDPR

This is the first page in the Visitors Guide. Visit applies nowadays to both a physical and a virtual visit eg. Zoom. Thankyou for being interested in us.  We want to make you feel comfortable, even if you visit only once.

You are very welcome to any of our events and activities, regardless of your creed, beliefs, cultural background, colour, age, gender, or notions.  You can come once, twice, intermittently or regularly, without obligation and without interrogation.  We welcome, the curious, the interested, the lonely, those seeking God, those seeking entertainment, those seeking new friends, those seeking a safe place for children, those not seeking anything at all.

Whoever you are, and whatever your reasons, you are still very very welcome. There is no sin database.

In order to help you, events, groups and clubs described on this website have a star rating system for first time visitors, not to rate the events, groups and clubs but to enable you to judge your ease of access to the event. Attending some of the events with a high star rating will enable you to make your own evaluations in a way that helps you to meet people without any “bullhorn evangelism” or “Spanish inquisitions”, which is I reassure you, totally absent here. We recommend events like the “Spring Fayre” which act as no-stress proxi-open days. There is also an appropriateness for children star rating as well.

If you are coming to a Church event and this will be your only time here, the chapel is for all of Gods creation, not just Christians, we hope you enjoy the day. God bless!

P.S. Two groups of people, one group here, the other in the Southampton branch of the British Cactus and Succulent Society. Both do odd things, both groups welcome visitors, but could you tell the difference between these groups if you did not know which is which? (there are four people in both groups!). We are ordinary people: hypocrites, stupid, happy, sad, lonely, inspired, searching, seeking, doubting, loving and caring; just like the people in the Cactus Society, just like you.

UPDATED July 2021

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