Hedge End Methodist Church

Our vision is to grow the spiritual and social life of the community through worship, learning, service and outreach.

Safety and Comfort

We take our responsibilities to physical safety and comfort very seriously.  This is an non-exhaustive list of what we have been doing.

  • Public liability insurance
  • Working and checked fire extinguishers
  • Working and checked fire alert system
  • Practiced fire drills.
  • Building keeped in good state of repair
  • Building checked for toxic substances
  • Fire doors checked
  • Building weekly cleaned, including Kitchen and Toilets
  • Catering team keep basic hygene certificates up to date.  Every catering event always has at least one person with a up to date catering hygene certificate
  • We often have retired health workers or care workers on site or those with basic first aid training
  • Safeguarding policy including criminal records check when appropriate.  We try to ensure only multiple adult groups are left on their own with children
  • Hearing aid induction loop throughout the building
  • Handrails installed
  • Disabled Toilet
  • Big screen projector or the option of written text where appropriate
  • Carpet issues being dealt with
  • Mobility buggy and wheelchair friendly
  • Variety of different seats to provide a choice in seating comfort
  • Food and drink always available
  • Stewards available when appropriate
  • Pastoral care and Building committees to monitor our continued corporate levels of care
  • People who understand and have experience of careing for special needs
  • Individual People who care for others


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