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Safety and Comfort

We take our responsibilities to physical safety and comfort very seriously.  This is an non-exhaustive list of what we have been doing.

  • Public liability insurance
  • Working and checked fire extinguishers
  • Working and checked fire alert system
  • Practiced fire drills.
  • Building keeped in good state of repair
  • Building checked for toxic substances
  • Fire doors checked
  • Building weekly cleaned, including Kitchen and Toilets
  • Catering team keep basic hygene certificates up to date.  Every catering event always has at least one person with a up to date catering hygene certificate
  • We often have retired health workers or care workers on site or those with basic first aid training
  • Safeguarding policy including criminal records check when appropriate.  We try to ensure only multiple adult groups are left on their own with children
  • Hearing aid induction loop throughout the building
  • Handrails installed
  • Disabled Toilet
  • Big screen projector or the option of written text where appropriate
  • Carpet issues being dealt with
  • Mobility buggy and wheelchair friendly
  • Variety of different seats to provide a choice in seating comfort
  • Food and drink always available
  • Stewards available when appropriate
  • Pastoral care and Building committees to monitor our continued corporate levels of care
  • People who understand and have experience of careing for special needs
  • Individual People who care for others


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