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Wedding Visitors : Permission to use photograph obtained
Wedding Visitors : Permission to use photograph obtained

Thankyou for being interested in us.  We want to make you feel comfortable, even if you visit only once.

You are very welcome to any of our events and activities, regardless of your creed, beliefs, cultural background, colour, age, gender, or notions.  You can come once, twice, intermitently or regularly, without obligation and without interrogation.  We welcome, the curious, the interested, the lonely, those seeking God, those seeking entertainment, those seeking new friends, those seeking a safe place for children, those not seeking anything at all.

Whoever you are, and whatever your reasons, you are still very very welcome.

You will not be interrogated or molested by bible bashers!

Question and Answer clickoverVisiting us for the first time?  Are you a guest invited to an event or activity?  Special needs?   Try our questions and answers page – please click here.

jammy-church-logoBringing children or babies to church, please do.  To find out more – please click here.

hedge end methodist wedding clickoverAre you a WEDDING guest or arranger? – please click here.

Are you a BAPTISM guest or arranger? – please click here.

Are you a FUNERAL guest or arranger? – please click here.

hedge end methodist find us clickoverHow to find us and get to the church – please click here.

Thankyou for visiting our website. We have four purposes for this site.

  • To be a calendar and resource for regulars
  • A news site for those who are out of reach
  • To be of help to visitors of weddings and special activities
  • To be a window for those who want to cautiously look without obligation.

We hope that you might like at some time to visit us in the real world if you have not already done so. It does well to think of the difference between entering a church and entering Tesco’s. Tesco has a 24 hour open door to which the general public can enter and leave without buying and without the huge weight and nervousness of entering a church. It would do regular churchgoers well to enter a church of another faith or denomination to experience entering a church for themselves.

Churchgoers tend to feel very awkward about chatting with lone newcomers. The problem is one of not making the visitor feel interrogated or of getting the impression that they are having obligations imposed upon them. As I write this I can well remember shopping in a sports shop in Portsmouth and being accosted by a no doubt well meaning evangelising person who put me off getting near a church for about fifteen years. So we try to be very careful. You will ALWAYS be offered tea and coffee, but NEVER get asked what you think or believe.

There is so much more to church life than attending Sunday Morning Worship, when people just enjoy being together in an environment of shared love and in numerous different friendship activities.  This is so rarely expressed in the press and media with all their weird obsessions of church strife and conflict.  We hope to introduce you to a different picture here.

Try our clubs and activities.  Many of us never go to Sunday morning worship.

Quiz Question:

Which one of the following does Jesus command of his followers

A: “Feed my sheep”

B: “Increase my Sunday morning congregation”

C: “Enhance my fundraising”


One thought on “Your Visit”

  1. Just love the new poster in anticipation of the carnival.
    If you haven’t seen it look on the noticeboard at the front of the church car park, or perhaps the web meister will put it up on line for the world to see !

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