Wedding of Joe and Ruth
The wedding of Joe and Ruth.  Permission to publish photograph obtained

We are very pleased for those contemplating Marriage. Couples are very welcome in the Church. Normally there are two or three weddings a year at Hedge End Methodist Church.  It is not necessary to be members of the Church to Marry in the Church, although we very much hope that you will take time to consider seriously the nature of both Marriage and Christianity for both of you together at this special time.  In the methodist church, methodist ministers are appointed as legal registrars.  Each minister is allowed to bestowing their own blessings, rather than to adhere to any dogmatic restrictive code.

Unlike a commercial wedding we have the space and time to make your happy day as stress free as possible, and as we are a group of individual people unlike a profit making company we really do love a wedding, and want and will people to get married and love one another.  We believe that a church wedding is the best and right thing to do, even if you find all that church stuff a bit hard to take in.  We won’t try to overburden you.  We are all just nice, and want you to do well.

Friends and family

Our newly married couple with parents

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