Harvest Festival

We have a harvest festival Sunday Morning Community Worship each year. The text below refers to a previous year.

On Sunday 15th September at 10.30 a.m. our Harvest Festival Service will be conducted by Rev. Terry Hudson (Methodist Minister). Harvest Festival marks the end of the main harvest Season. We give thanks to God for the crops that have been grown and celebrate the hard work involved in reaping them.

Wurzel and Sally 2013

During the Service people will be given an opportunity to donate food to the Basic Bank and St Dismas, a Charity that helps the Homeless. More information about the basic Bank can be found at www.southamptoncitymission.co.uk/basics-bank/food-banks. If you wish to do this please bring a Tin or a Carton of Food with you. The Charity has lots of Baked Beans so if you can another product would be appreciated. Donating is not compulsory you are very welcome to join us for the service whether or not you donate.

Harvest Festival is a lovely community event, which can be enjoyed by families, friends and occasional visitors. There is no obligation to do funny things. Visitors will not be attacked by evangelists chanting religious rhetoric and asking personal questions (we never do that). You do not have to profess the Christian faith to attend. There will be an invitation to Tea, coffee and biscuits after the service.

Harvest Festival 2011

Wurzel was going to go on the bomfire on November 5th, but he was saved and they became Mary and Josef at Christmas.

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