Sunday Worship

When: Every Sunday morning at 10:30- usually lasts about an hour.

Whom: All welcome (50 to 100 people, 130 during parades)
Leaders: Various Ministers, Local Preachers, Worship Leaders and others

Services take place every Sunday at 10.30. a.m, and usually last for about an hour. Visitors are very welcome to Sunday Service. We are very friendly but at the same time we hope not overbearing. Visitors are never expected to take part in anything they might feel uncomfortable or embarrassed with. Tea and Coffee are available after the service.


The Minister responsible for Hedge End is the Rev. Arthur Cowburn(Methodist Minister). he takes some of the Sunday Services, but most services are taken by local preachers, retired ministers, worship leaders and members of the congregation.  We aim to represent a wide rage of tastes and styles of worship.

What Happens

Most people enter the church between 10:00am and 10:30am.  There is normally someone at the front door to welcome those entering the church.  You will be offered a weekly notice sheet and sometimes a hymn book. There is also a leaflet “Welcome to our Church” in the vestibule.  Alternatively the rear door is open, for Sunday School and facilities at the rear of the building. The toilets can be accessed from both front and rear doors. Please find somewhere to sit down.  Please ask if you need any help.  If you have any children they are welcome to stay or attend Sunday School in the rear. We welcome children and are sympathetic to the needs of parents

1: Silent Prayer & Notices

About five minutes before the service begins, a prayer will be said . At 10:30am a church steward will welcome everybody to the church and announce any notices. The steward will announce the person or persons responsible for the service.

2: Sunday Worship

No two Sundays are alike, and therefore the description given here is a composite of things that normally happen. If every weeks service contained all the items described below we would all wiggle. The order of these thing will differ widely according to occasion.

3: Call to Worship and Prayer

The Leader gives an short introductory message sometimes followed by a short prayer. The leader introduces the first Hymn.

4: Hymns

The organist starts playing. Most people stand up. The Hymn numbers are displayed on a board at the front. The words of the Hymn will be in a specified Hymn book but will always also be projected onto a large screen for those who are long or short sighted. Usually five Hymns are sung during a service.

5: Prayer of Thanksgiving and Prayer of forgiveness

We thank God for his Being, his Majesty and his creation. We say sorry for our selfishness, wrongdoing and mistakes. We acknowledge Jesus for forgiving us of our sins.

6: Reading of the Bible

Members of the congregation are asked to read one or two passages from the Bible. These are normal one from the old testament or a letter followed by a gospel reading. These readings often correspond and form the basis of the theme of the Sunday Service.

7: Sermon

This is a description or structured talk about the main theme of the Service, usually based upon a Biblical passage. The talk often features illustrations of a biographical nature or of contempory issues which highlight the relevance of the Biblical theme.

8: Prayer asking for help from God.

The “intercessionary prayer” is where the leader or congregation member prayers for others, ourselves and peoples needs, focusing on relevant events and worldly problems. Please write in the book at the front of the church, if you would like us to share in your prayer.

9: The Welcoming of Sunday School

Sunday school joins and shares with us their fun and learning.

10: All Age Activity or Story

Leaders often express the theme or secondary thematic material in a more lively and fun way.

11: The Lords Prayer

We normally say this together. Don’t worry if you can’t remember this. I can’t always remember all the words and sometimes I lead the services!

12: Offertory

We give a small private gift of money into a little bag that gets passed around. This pays for the running of the church. If you have not got any money to give, please pass the bag on.

13: Closing Prayers

A closing prayer and expression of grace.

14: Tea, Coffee and Biscuits

We go into the fellowship hall to socialise. You are very welcome to join us too.

Other Occasional Elements of Worship

 Holy Communion

This is where we celebrate Christ’s commitment to us through a ceremony also known as the Eucharist or Lord’s Supper. All can take part or choose to watch without obligation. Those who find difficulty kneeling can stand or choose to receive communion from where they sit. Some people ask to be blessed. The ceromony takes about ten minutes and occurs about once every five weeks.

Family and / or Parade service

This service has a more free format and less formal atmosphere, with more activities but with a briefer sermon. It often has more modern hymns and is aimed to be themed more for small children and their need to wiggle. These occur once a month usually on the 2nd Sunday.


 Special Services

These include Lent, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Advent, Christmas, Church Aniversary, Sunday Club Anniversary, Baptisms etc.

How to find out about Sunday services

At the front of the church there will be a quarterly pamphlet that shows what sort of service will occur and who will lead the service. A summary of this information is given on this website. All services are open to all who are interested without obligation or further commitment, or interrogation into your own personal beliefs.

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