Badminton Club

Please note for obvious reasons this activity has been suspended at present.


Please note as from January 2019 the Badminton Club will be meeting on a Monday evening from 8 p.m. to 10. p.m.(not on a Tuesday) As far as we are aware all the rest of the information in the article below is still correct.


When: Most Tuesdays at 8:10p.m.
Where: Rear Hall (side entrance)
Whom: All welcome – Sorry no unaccompanied Children.

The Badminton Club meets every Tuesday throughout the year (two or three weeks excepted). We start at 8:00p.m. and continuing for about one and a half hours. The club is attended by between five to twelve people, aged between about sixteen and seventy. We have three regular ladies.

The games take place in the hall to the rear of the church (side entrance) Badminton players do not have to be regular church worshippers. We play mostly doubles games for fun.

New players are always very welcome. There is a voluntary contribution of 75p per session to pay for building upkeep and milk and coffee supply.  You are never too bad a player to join this group. Our level of play is moderate to completely incompetent, so you will never be made to feel out of place.  Regular attendance is not necessary.  Why not give it a try?





9 thoughts on “Badminton Club”

    1. You are welcome to come along on a Tuesday, to play some Games and Meet us. Several of our players are in their 70’s and we certainly are amateur, so you will be made to feel most at home. We are here 49 out of 52 Tuesdays and we should be here this week. We would very much look forward to new company.

      Best Wishes


  1. Hi
    I am a beginner and thinking of coming along Tuesday, can you confirm you are still playing at 20.10 as the chats are a couple of years old.
    Many thanks

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