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Parading in the Carnival


Looking promising for 2022 – (Cancelled in 2020 and 2021)

The carnival parade in 2021 was to be the one hundredth. We are looking forward to taking part in this fun event in 2022. Our thanks to all these people who are organising and helping with the event for 2022, and all those who have helped in any way in the past. Some people have been on the Carnival Committee for over 60 years.

We have heard that the committee has been re-invigorated recently in response to a call for help, when there was a good chance that the carnival was going to stop. Things now look promising for 2022.


LocationFrequencyDate & TimeStatus
Hedge End StreetsYearly2nd July 2022Hope for the Future
Mr & Mrs Noah: permission for photographs obtained as much as we could during a public event pre GDPR. Note Mrs Noah has a vegetarian cookbook so the animals will not worry.

2021 marks the one hundredth anniversary of the Hedge End Carnival. In 2020 we had been kindly offered a full size lorry to mount a carnival float; it would be nice if we will be able to implement this in 2022.

Several years ago we were wondering how to get out on the streets to spread our joy (certainly not in bullhorn bible bashing mode!) and noticed that the local Hedge End Church congregations were strangely absent from the Carnival. We wanted all our HEM friends to be able to take part including those less able to walk in the parade. We had seen wedding couples in Routemaster buses, and we had contacts to enable us to get a bus. Unfortunately the park outside the council offices has overhead cables so we had to have a single decker.

This is one of the events where we offer free tea, coffee and drinks and we make sure the Church Toilets are open and welcoming to those in need. We have now been going to the Carnival for several years. We hope and pray for God’s will, that we may be blessed by a freely congregating summer.

Hedge End Carnival and the associated Fun Fair is represented on YouTube and the organisers have their own Website and Facebook page.

Welcome StatusTypical AttendanceCostTo Attend
Public EventHundredsFreeJust turn up.

First time adults: Great fun public event. If it goes ahead, we will be having a great time. Come for a chat and we will show you the float.

Rating: 3 out of 3.

Children: This day is primarily for children, young and old..

Rating: 3 out of 3.

We are special needs friendly.

You do not have to profess Christianity to be accepted in any of our groups.

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