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Lent Courses


Starting from round about Ash Wednesday and ending at about Easter, we usually have a number of Lent Courses running. For example in 2022 there will be three Lent Courses. A lent course is undertaking by a small number of people with one or more leaders. There are plenty of pre-written Lent Course study schemes with booklets available or sometimes the leader makes their own material. Courses usually last between four and seven sessions.

Courses can follow a number of different perspectives but often follow the historical biblical and date timeline between the Ash Wednesday, the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem, his conviction, crucifixion and resurrection of Easter Sunday, or the nature of man’s estrangement, and needs, and Gods purposes and methods of conciliation through the messiah.

These are exploratory studies, as well as providing social interaction and cups of tea. Sometimes these studies groups are formed by ecumenical groups from made of of people from different churches. These courses would be a good place for those with not much knowledge of Christian theology to “dig in”. We encourage everyone to join one of the groups.