Hedge End Methodists - EASTER & PENTECOST 2022

encouraging faith, learning together, trying out new things, making social opportunities day by day … friends, families and visitors INCLUDED with JOY!

Putting out Wurzel and Sally


It is easy for the front of a building to look drab and uninviting (particularly church buildings) which exudes an air of “go away” for most people. Lets try and shock, amuse and shout joy from the building, so that people can look this way and smile. But how and what should we do to brighten the front. Then one day during harvest festival came Wurzel and Sally.

Some people said “What is they get nicked?” Are there night stalking Wurzel and Sally abductors in Hedge End? Not so it appears. And so for many years Wurzel and Sally have been a feature of the St Johns Road in September and October. We hope they can make you smile.

Now Wurzel was suffering from wear and tear and rain, so it was decided that he turn into Guy Fawkes; but at the last moment he was reprieved. He went indoors and they became Mary and Joseph for Christmas. Alas, neither Wurzel, nor Sally last very long as they are made of impermanent materials. There have now been several of them so far.

We are thankfully to God for his harvest, and that we can celebrate in fun.

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