Hedge End Methodist Church

Our vision is to grow the spiritual and social life of the community through worship, learning, service and outreach.

Embracing Change

We hope you like the new look website. Such a lot of things have happened to people in so many ways this year. We are now more in a position to look forward to joy as well as sadness. The word count on this website was 8,000 words in 2019 and 64,000 words so far in 2020, but it strikes us as odd when we look at other church websites and local advertisers who do not have a new word to say and display content clearly out of date. Sometimes our prayers to God have been ones of distress, but for the church to be silent, when the re-affirming work of the church is as important as ever, is odd.

We have been going through all our fixed editorial pages and coming to the conclusion that it needs a complete rewrite. Many texts describe dates and times of regular events in hibernation. Some of these will never re-open whilst other new church activities have been started. We have been re-evaluating our texts aimed at first time visitors. What does “visit” mean when there is no “bums on seat” Sunday worship for instance.

We doubt the church is going to pick up where it once was after social distancing. The effect of the pandemic will go on for a long time. Many churches will close. But as many people are attending Sunday Worship on Zoom as they used to in the building in Hedge End. What is a church like without a building, with many of its wordly distractions removed. Jesus said to Peter “Feed My Sheep”. One suspects the church will survive, and survive well if we embrace change to stay firm. We are all re-evaluating our priorities, and that includes God, and the importance of our social life. We need to reposition the church back to its core values, where it has wandered off. In recent months we have been feeling a sense of renewed vigour and purpose to do so. God will lead.

On a more mundane note it also is time to rewrite each page of the website. We are on a new journey. With God’s grace many new events and activities will be posted here. Please watch this space.


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