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Poetry or hymn lyrics written by friends.

Enabled by grace

How can I reveal
The mighty love of God?
By the witness that I give,
By the life I choose to live,
Let me show and share
The mighty love of God!

How can I receive
Forgiveness from my God?
Through the sorrow that I feel,
Through a penitence that’s real,
I shall find with joy
A pardon from my God! 

How can I regain
Fresh strength to carry on?
As I turn to God in prayer,
Take in all the power that’s there,
I shall find fresh faith
And courage to go on.  

How can I rejoice
And worthily praise God?
Knowing Jesus died for me,
Raised me up and set me free,
Makes me sing aloud
The praises of my God!

Geoffrey Scarlett 2020

Where is Jesus

Where is his body?
Empty the tomb now!
Only his grave-clothes
Mark where Christ lay.
Friends go to find him,
Hear angel’s greeting:
‘Your Lord is risen,
Risen today!

Where is his body?
‘Look here’, says Jesus,
‘Here is my body —
My living Church,
Loving and serving,
Worshipping freely,
Arms wide to welcome.
All those who search!

Wonderful Saviour,
He came to find me,
Entered my heart and
Life’s not the same!
His love he gave me.
His love has saved me.
Let me live daily
Praising his name!

Geoffrey Scarlett 2020

The virus struck

The virus struck in China first,
 Then swiftly spread to other lands,
 Forcing each nation to set up
 Unprecedented crisis plans —
 Plans to contain and then delay,
 Whilst experts worked worldwide to find
 That new vaccine, that spells at last
 Healing and hope for humankind!

 Thanks to those experts, striving hard,
 Thanks to health workers, sorely pressed,
 Giving their all to help the sick,
 Thanks for all acts of kindliness.
 Many run errands, keep in touch
 By text or skype or else by phone,
 Saying to isolated friends:
 ‘We’re here for you — you’re not alone!

 Now comes the ban: none shall attend
 To see an infant blessed, baptized!
 No marriage vows shall now take place,
 Between the loving groom and bride!
 Only a few can say goodbye
 To those they love, who pass away,
 Those absent boldly state: ‘We were
 In spirit with you still that day!’

 Some must close shops with staff laid off.
 Some cannot travel — not allowed!
 As the strict lockdown takes effect,
 Each must care for the other now.
 But hear a strident voice cry out:
 ‘Where is your God, who you say cares?
 Why does he stand by idly now,
 Heedless of all my desperate prayers?

 God is not deaf to all your cries:
 His love is shown, where people care,
 Where people strive to heal and help –
 That is his Spirit, working there!
 Now as we face mortality,
 Lift up your eyes to heaven above,
 Knowing through all eternity
 You’re held in our great Saviour’s love!

Geoffrey Scarlett 2020

Food glorious food

Tesco is providing.
Bags brought to the door,
Outside ( Not inside it ).
Bread, milk, runner beans and more,
Ice cream and some jelly,
Pies, peaches and spuds galore
Fill our belly!

Food, glorious food!
Don’t panic to buy it.
Toilet rolls abound —
Buy some on the quiet!

Just picture steak and champagne –
I’m just in the mood
For food, Wonderful food,
Marvellous food, glorious food! 

Geoffrey Scarlett 2020

How many times shall I walk around

In my English country garden?
I’ll tell you now of some things I’ve found
To alleviate the boredom:
Mowed the lawn ten times a day!
I’m now selling bags of hay!
I throw the wrong flowers away
From my English country garden!
How glad I am that I can enjoy
Such a lovely country garden!
I take back everything I’ve just said –
It’s the lockdown my heart hardened.
Now I do appreciate
Fresh air, every breath I take.
Daffs, tulips, heathers, roses make
Such a lovely country garden!

Geoffrey Scarlett 2020

Oh! Mr barber

 What shall I do?
 My hair is growing longer and
 It’s almost six foot two!
 Quickly come and cut it,
 Or else I’ll trip, I fear.
 Don’t bring your scissors – no!,
 Just bring your garden shears!

Geoffrey Scarlett 2020

I’ve got to be there in the morning

 Seated before the TV screen.
 Churches are showing
 Worship — I’m going
 To join in, ‘cos it’s all for free!
 If I’m sleeping,
 Wake me up, do!
 If I am busy,
 Make me come and view!
 For I’ve lots of hi-tech stuff to help me
 Sing hymns and pray and hear God’s word,
 Learn from the sermon
 ( Please a short sermon! ),
 So get me to the screen,
 Get me to the screen,
 Be sure to watch with millions —
 Praise the Lord!

Geoffrey Scarlett 2020

To fight the invisible foe

 That strikes with a deadly intent,
 To strive to save lives every moment,
 At the end of the day feeling spent:
 This is your work, your calling, your life,
 The choice that you have freely, happily made
 And whatever the part you are playing,
 Thanks for wonderful gifts you’ve displayed!
 And you dream of a beautiful world,
 Full of life, without suffering and pain,
 And at last you’ll assuredly triumph,
 Evil vanquished, as love comes to reign!
 We’ll look forward to living again!

Geoffrey Scarlett 2020


 Rejoice and reflect how our church, in Christ’s name,
 In worship and witness, God’s great love proclaimed.
 The ranters in open fields preached the good news.
 New churches were built, as in numbers they grew.
 They sang their old hymns, heard the sermons and prayers.
 The Lord’s Supper came as an ‘extra’ most shared.
 In war-time the church ran a Forces’ canteen,
 With care then extending to evacuees.

 Their youngsters they taught in traditional ways.
 Praise God for those great Anniversary days!
 And newsletters, now as then, published God’s grace,
 Whilst class meetings strengthened their personal faith.
 Rejoice and give thanks for those times long ago.
 The tasks Jesus gave us continue, we know.
 We miss Music-Makers, young, keen and inspired,
 But still value highly our music and choir.

 We’re blessed with our Pop-In group. JAM club is great.
 And Jammy Church loves to eat, sing and create!
 We’re blessed with our footballers, both our Brigades,
 And prayer groups and house groups that build up our faith.
 So cherish the past and the present embrace.
 Let’s welcome the future and more of God’s grace!
 God’s building his kingdom. As partners we share
 In spreading his word and in showing his care!

 Rejoice and look forward, with vision and drive.
 We feel the Lord’s challenge, his Spirit alive,
 To give us persistence and courage and joy,
 To find fresh expressions of faith to employ!
 We’re joined to past saints, by our Lord glorified.
 We’re joined now to Christian believers world-wide.
 We’re joined to disciples, who still have to be:
 With Christ our foundation stone eternally!

Geoffrey Scarlett 2017

Names of Christmas

 What shall we call him, this child of the Manger?
 His name is Jesus, the One born to save.
 He saves from all that would hurt and demean us
 Saves us to find new life with him again!
 What shall we call him? Christ, his rightful title
 Chosen by God to set his people free
 Leading us onwards to righteousness, justice
 Ushering in God’s new kingdom of peace
 What shall we call him, this child of the manger?
 He is Emmanuel, gift heaven-sent,
 Sharing our happiness, sharing our heartaches,
 With us in love and forever our Friend!
 What does he call us, at his birth rejoicing?
 The flock he shepherds, disciples he guides,
 Friends that he cherishes, servants he’s serving,
 Praise him, the Lord of grace, all through our lives!

Geoffrey Scarlett 2016

In praise of Jesus

 How  can  you  possibly  pray  for  me?
 How  can  you  graciously  care?
 I  have  done  nothing  to  earn  your  love,
 Yet  you  are  always  there,
 Ready  to  guide  me  on  my  way,
 Meeting  my  deepest  needs  each  day.

 How  can  you  possibly  break  the  bread
 And  offer  a  piece  to  me?
 How  can  you  offer  me  wine  —  the  sign
 I  am  from  sin  set  free?
 I  am  not  worthy  to  receive.
 Such  pard’ning  love  I  scarce  believe!

 How  can  you possibly  die  for  me,
 Die  such  a  bitter,  cruel  death?
 Knowing  me,  how  can  you  choose  to  love,
 Love  me  with  your  last  breath?
 It  should  be  me  upon  that  Cross.
 So  great  a  love  at  such  a  cost.

 How  can  you  possibly  trust  me,  Lord,
 To  follow  you  and  obey?
 I’m  but  a  poor,  struggling  Christian,  Lord,
 Humble,  with  feet  of  clay.
 Yet  you  choose  me  to  spread  your  word.
 Use  me  to  bring  you  glory,  Lord!

Geoffrey Scarlett 2015

Remember this

Dear  Saviour,  I  rejoice
To  hear  your  loving  voice.
You  tell  me  this:
All  the  creation  longs
To  sing  my  vict’ry  song
The  world  to  me  belongs
Remember  this.

If  you  should  feel  alone,
Forgotten  in  this  world,
Remember  this
You’re cherished  in  my  sight
And  loved  with  all  my  might.
Always  I  hold  you  tight.
Remember  this.

However  low  you  feel,
However  low  you  fall,
Remember  this-
I  lift  you  to  the  skies.
With  me  you  shall  arise,
By  my  great  love  surprised
Remember  this

However  far  you’ve  come,
However  proud  become,
Remember  this:
Love  wears  a  gentle  face
Humble,  yet  full  of  grace.
You’re  held  in God’s embrace.
Remember  this.

Whatever  doubts  you  have,
However  fears  o’erwhelm,
Remember  this  —
Your  Lord  was  crucified,
For  you,  my  child,  I  died.
Now  I  am  by  your  side.
Remember  this.

My  kingdom  yet  shall  come
And  I  will  lead  you  home.
Remember  this –
My  glorious  Day  draws  near,
When  gone  are  grief  and  fear.
I  stoop  to  dry  your  tears.
Remember  this.

Lord,  now  your  truth  I  see,
How  you  remember  me.
Such  love  is  this!
For  I  have  heard  your  voice.
Now  guide  me  in  my  choice,
To  give  my  life  for you.
With  your  love  blessed!

Geoffrey Scarlett 2014

Hedge End Town

Letchworth Garden City
Hedge End Concrete Town
 I came here for the roses
 It leaves me with a frown
 each day a border hardcored
 each day new gravel poured
 And soon each road with plastic grass
 to admire as one walks past.

 But am I just a grumpy old man
 at the age of fifty five
 and now I have to walk around here
 and spot the weeds abounding near
 in cracks and tears in Tricorn repairs
 as artificial plants arrive
 and ugly cars with designer dents thrive.

 So please remember Monty Don
 And cultivate your lawn
 And grow God's gift outside
 that nature should revive the day
 and make one want to in this town stay
 and children free from tarmac play
 let's hope that gardening has'nt had its day
 In a surburan town in England.

 Letchworth Garden City
 Hedge End Concrete Town
 Let me no longer frown
 Stop the skips that remove the soil
 give us health in our Gardens to toil
 refresh us with our vitamin D
 please give us eyes to see
 the folly being inflicted, don't let it be!

by Spanner


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