Farewell and Welcome


Ministers in the Methodist Church normally Move every three to seven years. This happens on the 1st of September which is the start of the Methodist Church Year.

The Morning Service on Sunday 31st August was therefore the last service which the Rev. Christine Coram took as our Minister. At the end of the Service the Senior Church Steward presented Christine with a Watercolour picture of the Church, which had been painted by a previous member of the congregation. This picture was signed on the back by many of us. She was also given some book tokens and a Card. Rev. Christine Coram, has been with us since 2011. We will continue to see her regularly as she is moving to Shirley to take over as Minister at St James Road Church.

On Friday 5th September we will be hosting a “Circuit Welcome Service” for Rev. Arthur Cowburn who is taking over as our Minister. He will also be responsible for Woolston Methodist Church. The Service will start at 7. p.m. and will be followed by refreshments. The Preacher for the occasion will be Rev. Dr. Andrew Wood: the District Chair of the Southampton District of the Methodist Church.

We are all looking forward to working with Rev. Arthur Cowburn in the Future and getting to know him better. Many of us have been fortunate to have met him already, as he has been living in the Southampton area for just over a year now. Rev. Arthur Cowburn wrote an article about himself which has been reproduced in the blog entry for 17th June.


Harvest Festival

2013-09-09 10.02.17

On Sunday 21st September at 10.30 a.m. our Harvest Festival Service will be conducted by Don Skinner, a Methodist local Preacher.  Harvest Festival marks the end of the main harvest Season.  We give thanks to God for the crops that have been grown and celebrate the hard work involved in reaping them.

During the Service people will be given an opportunity to donate food to the Food Bank in Hedge End and St Dismas, a Charity that helps the Homeless.

More information about the food bank can be found at http://www.kccsouthampton.org/foodcentre/

if you wish to do this please bring a Tin or a Carton of Food with you.  In the past the Charity has been given lots of Baked Beans so if you can another product would be appreciated.  Donating is not compulsory you are very welcome to join us for the service whether or not you donate.

Harvest Festival is a lovely community event, which can be enjoyed by families, friends and occasional visitors. There will be an invitation to Tea, coffee and biscuits after the service.

Caribbean Flavours

From Graham

Twice a year, Northam Methodist Church has ‘Caribbean’ events in recognition of the strong links that the community has with Islands.  The Christmas Songs of Praise with a Steel Band is a packed event with a unique and colourful style of worship. Do attend if you can.

Each summer it has a ‘Caribbean Evening’ and the recent version was great fun.  There were Poems read and jokes made and there was an ongoing easy banter between the audience and the presenters and also with the local Steel Band, whose rhythms were captivating and the range of tunes eclectic. Half way through we all left the packed small hall and went off for a huge buffet of Caribbean ‘small eats’ and refreshments and then brought our well filled plates back into the hall. There was much noisy chatter and gossip by the 40 or so in the audience at this time. The second half included more rhythms and vocals from the Steel Band, which was still raucous and lively and everybody ended up tapping their toes to the beats.  Finally, we were all provided with a splendid hot curry supper dish ‘at seat’ and again there was much lively chatter.  We all went away with happy memories of the event and the new characters we had met.

 We should also remember that Northam only has 20 members yet they have many activities involving the local community AND they have a weekly House Group meeting [the only weekly one in the Circuit?] They deserve our support.

Anniversaries and all that.

From Graham

Recently we went to Shanklin one Sunday afternoon where Tim Dakin [of Radio Solent fame] was leading a ‘Songs of Praise’ service in celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Shanklin Methodist Church. It was a traditional event when well known hymns were sung, interspersed many interesting quips and quotes from Tim.

Tim said he is invited regularly to Anniversary events; they rightly recognise the sacrifices of significant amounts of time and money invested by earlier generations and we should all be thankful for their efforts and celebrate their foresight and faith in the future. He warned us not to be too precocious though about the past; to survive in 2014, churches cannot be bound by traditions and attitudes such as ‘we have done it this way for many years’ and ‘we tried this once before and it failed’ – we all owe it both to those who went before and to the future generations to be innovative in our ways of worship in order to engage with the young and the old in our local communities; often people find conventional church events unattractive.

Do we in Hedge End share these views?  Can we do more for the young and old in Hedge End??

Awayday 2014

2013-10-19 10.37.35

On Thursday 25th September we will be holding our Awayday. All the congregation are invited to join together for a day of Study . Morning and afternoon refreshments will be provided, but participants are asked to provide their own packed lunch. The Cost for the Day is £5.00 per Participant.

We will be starting at 10.30 a.m.  and we expect to finish at approximately 4 p.m. To enable people without Transport to participate we will be meeting in St Johns Church just up the road from us (Rather than in the New Forest as we did last year). If you need to know the Postcode it is SO30 0BW.

The day will be lead by our New Minister the Rev. Arthur Cowburn the title for the day being “Why did the Lecturn cross the Chapel ?.

We look forward to a day of fellowship and fun – it will not all be serious!

Flyers giving more details of the day and how to book are now available from the front of the Church. If you would like to join us please return your booking form and the payment to a Steward by Sunday 21st September.

The Picture above shows some of the items produced at the last Awayday.

Woodmill Walk

2014-08-07 19.16.52

Nine of us met at the Woodmill car park during the evening of Thursday 7th August.  We started by walking along the edge of the river Itchen at the Edge of the Park, where we saw about 15 ducks all sat on a log.  We walked up to the old bridge, and then we then went through a wood.  We saw the remains of a lock on the Itchen Navigation which was built as a Canal about 300 years ago.  We carried on until we reached the Mansbridge Reservoir which had a lot of Waterlilies on it.  We went a different way back to the bridge near the beginning of the walk and turned right.  This took us past some houses until we came to the South Stoneham Church.  According to the sign some of the the Church dates back to the 12th Century.  We looked at the different sorts of stonework on the building and the signs on their memorial gardens. We then walked back along the road for a while, and along a small path until we got to the Canoe centre on the otherside of the Road from where we had parked the cars.  We enjoyed the sunshine and the opportunity to explore some of the History of the area.  Thank you to those people who kindly led us on the Walk.

Monday Group

Pam says:

The Monday group met again on the 28th July at Pam ‘s with 9 of us in attendance.  Glenys opened with a meaningful prayer and then our discussions began.  We were amazed when an hour and ten minutes had passed.  Everyone made lively and thoughtful contributions.  Pam read us a story based on “favouritism” – the topic under discussion – which everyone found thought Provoking.  We concluded it was one of our best sessions.  We ended with strawberries, ice-cream and hot chocolate sauce, pineapple fruit loaf and small cakes, tea or coffee.

Jigsaw Festival

from Jenny:

We are planning a Jigsaw Festival to be held on 2 May 2015.  A plant sale would be held at the same time and refreshments served.  A number of jigsaws have already been completed and June has very kindly agreed to store them at her home.  If anyone would like to assist in making jigsaws your help would be appreciated as a goodly number will be required for the sale at the festival.

Swanwick Stroll

2014-07-16 18.45.15During the Evening of Wednesday 16th July, 18 of us met in the Swanwick Shore Car Park. We strolled along the River in the direction of Warsash, enjoying a cooling breeze while we walked. We saw lots of ducks who were swimming in a straight line, and a Llama which was in a field with a small pony. We walked through the Universal Boatyard, and saw many large yachts including some which seemed to be in a multistorey boat park. After about half an hour we stopped at a Bridge for a while, and had a sweet each. We then returned to the Car Park the same way that we had come. Our thanks to those people who had arranged the Walk. It was good to enjoy the Scenery whilst enjoying fellowship together.

Colin’s House Group

from Pam:

Colin’s House Group has been re-named the Monday Group after Colin ‘s ‘passing. 9 of us met on Monday afternoon at Pam ‘s where we continued our study of James.  Valuable contributions were made by all members and lively discussions ensued.  We ended our gathering with tea, coffee and Pam’s homemade cakes – Strawberry shortcake, lemon drizzles and paradise squares.

Helping you to live in a fellowship of friendship.