Geoffrey’s House Group: Joshua

from Geoffrey

Hi  folks,  I  hope  you  have  enjoyed  the  Bank  Holiday  weekend.  I  now  attach  the  timetable  for  our  Joshua  studies.
I  appreciate  that  some  of  you  will  only  be  able  to  attend  1  or  2  sessions,  but  you  will  be  very  welcome,  whenever  you  can  manage  it.  I  have  included  the  May  22nd  on  the  timetable  just  for  the  sake  of  completeness.
Jean  very  kindly  led  our  opening  prayer  last  time.  Just  a  reminder  —  if  any  others would   like  to  do  an  opening  prayer,  let  me  know.  It  doesn’t  have  to  be  long  or  complicated!  You  will  see  that  the  Joshua  series  has  12  sessions  and  we  may  well  later  decide  to  have  a  break  halfway  through  with  something  else,  before  resuming Joshua.  Look  forward  to  seeing  you  here  in  June.  Geoff.


Meetings once a month on Thursdays, from 7.30pm – 9pm, ending with light refreshments.

Group Leader: Geoffrey Scarlett

May 22nd: Session 1 — God’s Call and my insecurity : Joshua 1.
June 26th: Session 2 — Life-changing Faith : Joshua 2.
July 24th: Session 3 — Remembering what God has done : Joshua 3,1 — 5,12
August 21st: Session 4 — Claiming God’s Victories : Joshua 5,13 — 6,27
September 25th: Session 5 — Defeat, Confession and Victory : Joshua 7 — 8
October 16th: Session 6 — Deceived : Joshua 9.

Many thanks to all volunteer hosts.  May we also pray for Colin’s house group and members.


Sponsored Walk

On Saturday 7th June Dennis and Diane are taking  part in a Sponsored Walk in Aid of Action for Children. The Walk is from Barton on Sea to Milford on Sea, and back again, approximately 6 miles.  If you are interested in sponsoring them please speak to a Church Member to be introduced.

More details of the Walk can be found at

Action for Children was originally started by a Methodist Minister and two friends in 1869. It was formally known as National Children Homes. More details about Action for Childrens Work can be found at

Geoffrey’s New House Group Course

On Thursday 22nd May at 7:00pm. we will be starting a new study course based upon Old Jestament book of Joshua.  This will be slightly different for us as we usually have studied courses set on a theme, rather than biblical study.  Graham and Geoffrey looked around for something different based upon the Old Testament and we then choose Joshua.  This promises to be interesting if I remember when I last read some of the things that happened in the book of Joshua.

We would be very pleased to see new faces in our group.  We are trying to encourange many of our friends to view church as more than a Sunday Morning thing both in terms of secular and pastoral activities, and particularly in terms of being in one of the small house groups, where is far more easier to get to know different people.  Geoffrey’s group normally meets about once a month in the evening.  There are about 10 of us.  We enjoy meeting in one of four or five homes, where we enjoy hospitality, tea, coffee and cakes.  We do not lack noisy and excitable friends as well as quiet listeners.  I prefer these small discussion groups to Sunday Morning Worship where I tend to fidget.  Small groups are more about people.  Please come along, you are very welcome.

Ramble News May 2014


The ramble on 15th May at 7:30pm. has been cancelled.  Thankfully there is another ramble at the end of the month.

You are invited to join the rambling group for a walk at Chawton near Alton on Saturday 31st May and after for lunch at The Greyfriar at Chawton.  You may park in the pub car park and we suggest we meet at the tea room next door at 11am. for coffee. The walk will include a visit to the local church and and as we go through a wooded area walking boots are advised.  Menus are available from Marilyn or Michael or can be seen on the website  Please let them have your food order by Monday 26th May.  Jane Austen`s house is across the road from The Greyfriar for those who may wish to visit after lunch.

Boys and Girls Brigade Display and Awards Evening


This Event will take place on Wednesday 21st May at 6.30 p.m. Everyone is welcome to come along and see what the Brigades have been up to.

To give you an idea of what to expect an article about last years Awards evening is below.

During the Evening of Wednesday 3rd July, Relatives and Friends of the Boys and Girls  Brigades attended the Annual Display and Awards Evening. This was an opportunity for us all to see what the Brigades had been up to during the last year, and congratulate them on the Badges they had achieved. We were pleased to welcome the Boys Brigade Battalion President, to present the Awards.
Our thanks to all who where involved in this enjoyable event.

To see more about the Brigades please look at the Pages section to the Right of this post.

Upcoming Concerts

The New Music Makers have several concerts coming up shortly.

22nd May at St Marks Church Woolston

30th May 7.30 p.m. at Thornden Hall Chandlers Ford

6th June at Netley

7th June 2.30 p.m. at The Berry Theatre Hedge End.

The New Music Makers practice their singing in Hedge End Methodist Church on a Thursday Evening.

More details about them and  there  concerts can be found at:-

New Music Group

On May 11th at 10:30a.m. Ann and Tony will be introducing a new musical group.  Ann and Tony belong to the musical group “The Madding Crowd”, and last year we were blest by their performance of “The Wesleys” at Swaythling Methodist Church.  Tony is encouraging musicians outside of the standard Sunday morning worship mould to contribute to our worship, so under his guidance we are being brought together this Sunday after practice on Wednesday at 7:00pm.  Tony plays the Serpent, a very interesting instrument indeed.  We hope you all enjoy, and lets give Tony and all the musicians all the support and encouragement they deserve.

Spring Fayre

Spring Fayre
Spring Fayre : Photo thanks to Ann
Spring Fayre
Spring Fayre : Photo thanks to Ann
Spring Fayre
Spring Fayre : Photo thanks to Ann

Thankyou everyone who came to the Spring Fayre yesterday.  It was a lovely May day and this encouraged plenty of people to come.  Outside we sold lots of plants, annuals, perenials and cacti.  Indoor there were lovely cakes and marmalades, vegetables, books, games to play, things to buy, tins, woodwork, and lots of food to eat.  More important than all the goodies, was the oportunity for everyone to meet in an informal setting.  Nobody offerered me a prize on any of the games because I cheated! We trust everyone had a good time.

Jammy Church is still running!

We apologise that the Saturday School website “”  has now not been working for the last couple of weeks.  The state has been brought to the attention of one of the webmasters of the site.  Please be assured that Saturday School will still run on the second Saturday of each month, and that hopefully the problem will soon be fixed.  In the meantime please refer to the calendar and details on this site, or the Saturday School facebook page.

Spring Fayre



On Saturday 3rd May we will be holding our Spring Fayre.

There will be many stalls including Plants, Books, Cakes, Crafts, Cards, Woodwork, Fruit Veg and Preserves, Gifts. We will also be holding some Raffles including one for a Hamper. Refreshments will be available, there will  be an opportunity to play some Games. The Fayre starts at 10.30 a.m. and will go on until about 1.00 p.m.  Admission is 50p per Adult and is free for Children. We would be delighted if you came to see us during the Morning. (The Pictures were taken at a previous Fayre).

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