Christmas Fayre


WP_20161015_09_52_28_ProYou are invited to our Christmas Fayre, this event will take place on Saturday  4th November between 10.30 a.m. and 2 p.m . Stalls and attractions so far arranged are as follows:-

Plants , perennial, Winter pots, Bulbs
Craft Stall.
Raffle for Hampers

We are still in the process of arranging the stalls so it is likely that there will be more than this.  Please keep watching this site and advertising for more details.

There is no charge for admission for this event so why not come along and see what we have to offer.  The event is in Aid of Church Funds.

The Picture above is of our plant stall in October last year.


Portsmouth Girls Brigade 1893 onwards

I made a personal visit to Portsmouth Museum recently and found an exhibit about the evolution of the Girls Brigade in Portsmouth since 1893. The exhibit appeared to have been originally curated in 2013 to celebrate the 120th Anniversary of the founding of the first organisation that later became the Girls Brigade.  On display were a number of different uniforms and various memorabilia related to the various Girls Brigades that have met in Portsmouth over the years.  There was also a television showing interviews with people who had been associated with the Girls Brigade over that time. There was also lots of other exhibitions within the Museum including a reproduction of a 1950’s room, which had a lot of objects we remembered from the 1970’s a few of which we still have.

More information about the Museum can be found at

World President on the Radio

wf logo

As part of the Tim Daykin Show on Radio Solent this Sunday (6th August) there will be an interview with Alison Judd the World President of The World Federation of Methodist and United Church Women.  Alison is personally known to many of us and has written some articles on this site about the World Federation which can be found by using the search facility to the right.

If you would like to listen we believe that the interview will be broadcast between 7.30 and 8.00 in the Morning.

More about Methodist and United Church Women can be found at

Harvest Weekend

Over the weekend of  9th and 10th September we will be celebrating Harvest.

On Saturday we will be holding  our Harvest Jammy Church.Jammy Church is an activity session for children, their families and the young at heart.  There will be various activities and crafts to take part in and some food to eat.  You do not need to attend all the session; you could just pop in to see what we are up to.

More information can be found on the Jammy Church Facebook page.

On Sunday at 10.30 a.m. the Harvest Festival Service will be conducted by  Rev. Geoffrey Scarlett.  Harvest Festival marks the end of the main Harvest season.  We give thanks to God for the crops that have been grown and celebrate the hard work involved in reaping them.

At some point on both days people will be given an opportunity to donate food to the Basics Bank and St Dismas, a Charity that helps the Homeless.

More information about the basics bank can be found at

if you wish to donate some  Food please bring some with you.  In the past the Charity has been given lots of Baked Beans so if you can another product would be appreciated.  Donating is not compulsory you are very welcome to join us over the weekend whether or not you donate.


Visit of Mrs Jill Baker Vice President of the Methodist Conference

IMG_20170723_142438It’s not often that a service in church begins with the question ‘Have you had your five a day?’ No – not fruit and veg, but spiritual input! Jill Baker used some verses from Acts (2.42-47) and from Luke’s gospel (11.1-8 – where Jesus teaches his disciples the Lord’s Prayer) to talk about the need for a rhythm for our spiritual life. It can be as structured as the regular prayers throughout the day and night in a monastic community, or a regular but attentive use of the Lord’s Prayer, with its reminders of God and his kingdom, provision, forgiveness and grace. Or it could be a discipline for our daily life, in which we give time each day to read and reflect, to give thanks, to pray, to keep silence, and to act. And with that ‘five a day’, we should grow in our spiritual life as individuals and as a church. This growth was summarised by the prayer of St Richard of Chichester, sung as a solo by Brian; ‘Day by day, dear Lord, of thee three things I pray: to know thee more clearly, love thee more dearly and follow thee more nearly, day by day.’

But discipline isn’t everything – we must be ready to react to the unexpected; we were reminded how the local church responded to the Grenfell Tower disaster, opening its doors to survivors and releasing its minister to work with people in need. That was exceptional – but we too might have a ‘knock at midnight’ from someone in need (Luke 11.8). And then we need the back-up of the most basic of spiritual rhythms – going in to meet Jesus, going out to share Jesus, ‘day by day’.

Thank you to the person who kindly wrote the above article  describing the Sunday Worship on 16th July.

Circuit Welcome service for Deacon Carole Smith

On Sunday 3rd September  at 6.30 p.m. we will be hosting a “Circuit Welcome Service” for Deacon Carole Smith who has been appointed to help Hedge End and Woolston in various ways including outreach into the wider community.  Carole will start her work in this Circuit  at the beginning of  September.  The Preacher for the occasion will be Rev. Dr. Andrew Wood: the District Chair of the Southampton District of the Methodist Church.

We are all looking forward to working with Deacon Carole Smith in the future and getting to know her better.

Next Weeks Preacher

We are looking forward to our Sunday service at the usual time of 10.30 next week. This service will be taken by Mrs Jill Baker the Vice-President of the Methodist Church who came into office at the Methodist conference in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago.

More about this service can be found in the previous blog on this site at

Visit of Methodist Vice President

We are very pleased to have the opportunity to meet and share worship with Jill Baker.

Elijah at Mount Carmel

Above are photographs taken at yesterdays Jammy Church where we talked about Elijah at Mount Carmel.

We all had a good time and enjoyed the Puppets and the outside activities.

Thank you to the lady who supplies us with the Photographs and everyone who makes Jammy Church possible.

Due to Holidays you will need to wait until September for the next Jammy Church which will take place on the 9th of September. This is the first time we have missed a month since we started Jammy Church over 6 years ago.

More details of Jammy Church can be found at


Broader Horizons 4

Our fourth Broader Horizons meeting will be on Sunday 16th July at 7 p.m. The Interviewees will be Terry and Mandy Monahan whom Richard and Rachel met two years ago in France.

The focus of these evenings is to interview  Christians ‘Parkinson style’ to hear of their faith and relationship with God, and how, in their professional roles, they have had cause to rely on God. The intention is that a discussion is had about Christian faith, and who knows we may also be challenged …

At the last meeting on Sunday 18th June we enjoyed exploring faith with Dr Craig Gallen who has varied higher qualifications in Theology and Technology. we talked about many aspects of his life from his childhood in Northern Ireland to the Christian Values that can be found behind “Open Source” software.

more details on our Broader Horizons  meetings can be found on this blog at Broader Horizons


Hedge End Carnival 1st July 2017


We all had a good time in Hedge End Carnival last Saturday (1st July) The Theme was Roald Dahl so we went as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We were pleased and excited to be awarded First Prize being given a certificate and a trophy pictured above.

A Big thank you to Southampton and District Transport Heritage Trust who supplied us with the bus and the Driver and did not mind us  sticking pictures on the windows.

More details about them and there buses can be found at

Thank you to everyone who took part or helped in anyway to make the day possible.

While we were waiting to be judged we had a Picnic on the forecourt and were able to offer some food  and a cup of Tea to the Driver of a steam Roller parked nearby.

We were pleased to be able to meet with many people at our tent as part of the Gala Show. We offered the opportunity to take part in Craft activities as well as a cold drink and a biscuit.   These activities were run by some of our Jammy Church team and pictures can be found on the Jammy Church Facebook page.

More pictures of the Carnival can be found at on this site at

We were First

We hope that we will get the opportunity to take part in next years Carnival which if it follows the usual pattern should take place on Saturday  7th July 2018.  Watch this space nearer the time.

Helping you to live in a fellowship of friendship.