Elijah at Mount Carmel

Above are photographs taken at yesterdays Jammy Church where we talked about Elijah at Mount Carmel.

We all had a good time and enjoyed the Puppets and the outside activities.

Thank you to the lady who supplies us with the Photographs and everyone who makes Jammy Church possible.

Due to Holidays you will need to wait until September for the next Jammy Church which will take place on the 9th of September. This is the first time we have missed a month since we started Jammy Church over 6 years ago.

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Broader Horizons 4

Our fourth Broader Horizons meeting will be on Sunday 16th July at 7 p.m. The Interviewees will be Terry and Mandy Monahan whom Richard and Rachel met two years ago in France.

The focus of these evenings is to interview  Christians ‘Parkinson style’ to hear of their faith and relationship with God, and how, in their professional roles, they have had cause to rely on God. The intention is that a discussion is had about Christian faith, and who knows we may also be challenged …

At the last meeting on Sunday 18th June we enjoyed exploring faith with Dr Craig Gallen who has varied higher qualifications in Theology and Technology. we talked about many aspects of his life from his childhood in Northern Ireland to the Christian Values that can be found behind “Open Source” software.

more details on our Broader Horizons  meetings can be found on this blog at Broader Horizons


Hedge End Carnival 1st July 2017


We all had a good time in Hedge End Carnival last Saturday (1st July) The Theme was Roald Dahl so we went as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We were pleased and excited to be awarded First Prize being given a certificate and a trophy pictured above.

A Big thank you to Southampton and District Transport Heritage Trust who supplied us with the bus and the Driver and did not mind us  sticking pictures on the windows.

More details about them and there buses can be found at


Thank you to everyone who took part or helped in anyway to make the day possible.

While we were waiting to be judged we had a Picnic on the forecourt and were able to offer some food  and a cup of Tea to the Driver of a steam Roller parked nearby.

We were pleased to be able to meet with many people at our tent as part of the Gala Show. We offered the opportunity to take part in Craft activities as well as a cold drink and a biscuit.   These activities were run by some of our Jammy Church team and pictures can be found on the Jammy Church Facebook page.


More pictures of the Carnival can be found at on this site at

We were First

We hope that we will get the opportunity to take part in next years Carnival which if it follows the usual pattern should take place on Saturday  7th July 2018.  Watch this space nearer the time.

160 Tiles for 160 years

We are busy painting ceramic tiles we will end up with 160 tiles.  These will be mounted on a Wooden Cross which  includes an explanatory Plaque.  This will be permanently installed to celebrate 160 years of Methodism in Hedge End. The tiles have been painted by people from the Brigades, Jammy Church, the Pop In Cafe and other people associated with the Church as well as those folk who attend on Sunday Morning.

We are grateful to “Potty Peggy’s Crafts” for all there assistance with this project.  If you would like to know more about the company please look at.


When we have finished painting the tiles and the cross has been made up it is intended to hold an unveiling ceremony.  More details of this will be posted here when they have been worked out.

If you would like to find out more about 160 years of Methodism in Hedge End information can be found in the following blog posts.

Anniversary Celebration 24th and 25th June

160 years of Methodism in Hedge End



We were First

We took part in Hedge End Carnival today and were pleased to be awarded first place and given a trophy.  We also had a presence at the Gala show for the first time.  There will be more details of  all that happened  in a later blog.  We hope that you enjoy looking at the pictures above and would like to thank anyone who helped in any way to make today possible.

Chocolate Carnival


Final Preparations are now taking place for our entry in Hedge End Carnival this Saturday (1st July).  The Theme for the Carnival is Roald Dahl and we will be depicting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.   With Dressed Walkers and a Dressed up Vintage Bus.

In Addition to our activities in the procession we will be having a stall on the showground where the Carnival finishes doing “Jammy Type” Craft.

We would be delighted if you come and see us.

For more details of our carnival activities please see our previous blogs on this site at

Hedge End Carnival 2017

Carnival Fun

More details about the carnival can be found at


July Jammy

Hedge End Methodists Jammy May 2015 #3

On Saturday 8th July Jammy Church will be exploring the story of Elijah at mount Carmal this story can be found in 1 Kings Chapter 18 verses 16-45.

We will also be continuing the “Fire Aspect” of the story as we will be holding the Annual Jammy Church barbeque on this day as the food that ends the session.

Jammy Church is an activity session for children, their families and the young at heart.  Each session is based on a particular Theme.

There will be various activities and crafts to take part in and some food to eat.  You do not need to attend all the session; you could just pop in to see what we are up to.

The picture above was taken at a previous Jammy Church.

More information can be found on the Jammy Church Facebook page.


Please note that although Jammy is normally on every month there will not be a Jammy Church during August as nearly everyone including the regular attendees will be on Holiday.

Poem for 160 Anniversary

As Part of our celebrations of 160 years of Methodism in Hedge End Rev. Geoffrey Scarlett has written the Poem below.

If you would like to join us in our celebrations over the weekend of 24th and 25th June please see the blog post    Anniversary Celebration 24th and 25th June  for more details.

More poems by Geoffrey  and details of Hymns and songs that Geoffrey has written with Stuart Harding can be found elsewhere on this site.


Rejoice and reflect how our church, in Christ’s name,
In worship and witness, God’s great love proclaimed.
The ranters in open fields preached the good news.
New churches were built, as in numbers they grew.
They sang their old hymns, heard the sermons and prayers.
The Lord’s Supper came as an ‘extra’ most shared.
In war-time the church ran a Forces’ canteen,
With care then extending to evacuees.

Their youngsters they taught in traditional ways.
Praise God for those great Anniversary days!
And newsletters, now as then, published God’s grace,
Whilst class meetings strengthened their personal faith.
Rejoice and give thanks for those times long ago.
The tasks Jesus gave us continue, we know.
We miss Music-Makers, young, keen and inspired,
But still value highly our music and choir.

We’re blessed with our Pop-In group. JAM club is great.
And Jammy Church loves to eat, sing and create!
We’re blessed with our footballers, both our Brigades,
And prayer groups and house groups that build up our faith.
So cherish the past and the present embrace.
Let’s welcome the future and more of God’s grace!
God’s building his kingdom. As partners we share
In spreading his word and in showing his care!

Rejoice and look forward, with vision and drive.
We feel the Lord’s challenge, his Spirit alive,
To give us persistence and courage and joy,
To find fresh expressions of faith to employ!
We’re joined to past saints, by our Lord glorified.
We’re joined now to Christian believers world-wide.
We’re joined to disciples, who still have to be:
With Christ our foundation stone eternally!

Geoffrey Scarlett 2017

Brigades Display and Awards Evening 2017

On Wednesday 28th June at 6.30 p.m. The Boys and Girls Brigades will be holding their Display and Awards Evening. There will be a display which normally consists of various sketches, Music and Singing. This is followed by the presentation of Badges and Awards. The awarding is normally done by the respective district commisioners  of the Brigades.  Anyone who is interested in seeing what the Brigades do is invited to attend.


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