Stuart and Geoffrey in the news.

This Weekend the Church has been featured in the Southern Daily Echo and in an interview on Radio Solent.  Both Articles are about Stuart Hardings 50 years as our organist.

Stuart and Geoff Scarlett were interviewed on the Tim Daykin Show on Radio Solent.

The Radio Solent Programme can be listened to my following the link

This link is to the whole programme if you havent got time to listen to the whole programme if you start to listen at 01.48 on the timeline you will get to the specific piece.  Our Thanks to Radio Solent for allowing us to link to their site.  Please note this programme will only be available until 1st March.

Stuart was also pictured and interviewed  in the Southern Daily Echo for Saturday 31st January.


Radio Broadcast

As part of the Tim Daykin Show on Radio Solent this Sunday (1st February) there will be an interview with our Church Organist Stuart Harding. We believe that the interview will be broadcast between 7.00 and 8.00 in the Morning. The reason for this occasion is because Stuart is Celebrating 50 years as our Church Organist this year.

We will be celebrating this event later that day as part of the Church Service. Please see the blog entry “50 Years at the organ” posted on 13th January for further details.

In Praise of Jesus

A Message and a Poem from Geoffrey.

After  a  wonderful  Covenant  Service  at  the  beginning  of  the  year,  I  felt  inspired  to  write  this  poem….


How  can  you  possibly  pray  for  me?
How  can  you  graciously  care?
I  have  done  nothing  to  earn  your  love,
Yet  you  are  always  there,
Ready  to  guide  me  on  my  way,
Meeting  my  deepest  needs  each  day.

How  can  you  possibly  break  the  bread
And  offer  a  piece  to  me?
How  can  you  offer  me  wine  —  the  sign
I  am  from  sin  set  free?
I  am  not  worthy  to  receive.
Such  pard’ning  love  I  scarce  believe!

How  can  you possibly  die  for  me,
Die  such  a  bitter,  cruel  death?
Knowing  me,  how  can  you  choose  to  love,
Love  me  with  your  last  breath?
It  should  be  me  upon  that  Cross.
So  great  a  love  at  such  a  cost.

How  can  you  possibly  trust  me,  Lord,
To  follow  you  and  obey?
I’m  but  a  poor,  struggling  Christian,  Lord,
Humble,  with  feet  of  clay.
Yet  you  choose  me  to  spread  your  word.
Use  me  to  bring  you  glory,  Lord!

Geoffrey Scarlett 2015

Circuit Prayer Breakfast

On Saturday 7th of February we will be hosting the Circuit Prayer Breakfast between 8.30 and 10.00 a.m. We will start by enjoying Cereals, Porridge and Toast together. Then Prayer will be led by the Rev. Arthur Cowburn. This is part of the series of monthly prayer Breakfasts being hosted in turn by the Churches in the Southampton Circuit.

50 years at the Organ

Choir at Easter 2014

On  Sunday 1st February we will be celebrating with Stuart Harding as he celebrates 50 years as our organist and 38 years as our Choirmaster. The celebrations will take place as part of our normal service at 10.30 in the morning. The service will be led by Rev. Geoffrey Scarlett who has been the Lyricist to Stuart Musical Compostions composing several Hymns together over the last few years. We hope that many of Stuarts fellow musicians  from around the area will be free to join with us on this special day.

All Age Worship 11th January

 2015-01-13 10.35.08
This Sunday’s service was led by Rev. Les Judd and was an all age worship service. The theme was ‘Spiritual Footwear’. We  enquired at the beginning of the year what experiences we may encounter and what spiritual footwear we might require. If our journey is easy we may require  sandals, if our way is tough, boots would be more appropriate. We hope the year will have some moments where we slip off our shoes, because we stand on holy ground.

We were pleased that members of the Boys and Girls Brigade where able to assist with the Reading and Dramatizations in the service. Also taking part were some people who had attended the Jammy Church on “Moses Crossing the Red Sea  ” the day before.

We were also able to celebrate the Achievements  of Members of the Boys and Girls Brigades as Badges were presented to them during the service, that they had gained over the last few months.

We were all given a Paper Footprint to take home with us so that we could reflect on aspects of the Service and the Christian Journey during the Week.

Poem from Geoffrey

A Message and a Poem from Geoffrey

As  we  enter  the  New  Year,  let   us  remember  and  give  thanks  to  God  for  his  past and continuing grace.

Remember This

1.  Dear  Saviour,  I  rejoice
To  hear  your  loving  voice.
You  tell  me  this:
All  the  creation  longs
To  sing  my  vict’ry  song
The  world  to  me  belongs
Remember  this.

2.  If  you  should  feel  alone,
Forgotten  in  this  world,
Remember  this
You’re cherished  in  my  sight
And  loved  with  all  my  might.
Always  I  hold  you  tight.
Remember  this.

3.  However  low  you  feel,
However  low  you  fall,
Remember  this-
I  lift  you  to  the  skies.
With  me  you  shall  arise,
By  my  great  love  surprised
Remember  this

4. However  far  you’ve  come,
However  proud  become,
Remember  this:
Love  wears  a  gentle  face
Humble,  yet  full  of  grace.
You’re  held  in  God’s  embrace.
Remember  this.

5. Whatever  doubts  you  have,
However  fears  o’erwhelm,
Remember  this  —
Your  Lord  was  crucified,
For  you,  my  child,  I  died.
Now  I  am  by  your  side.
Remember  this.

6.  My  kingdom  yet  shall  come
And  I  will  lead  you  home.
Remember  this –
My  glorious  Day  draws  near,
When  gone  are  grief  and  fear.
I  stoop  to  dry  your  tears.
Remember  this.

7.  Lord,  now  your  truth  I  see,
How  you  remember  me.
Such  love  is  this!
For  I  have  heard  your  voice.
Now  guide  me  in  my  choice,
To  give  my  life  for you.
With  your  love  blessed!

Geoff  Scarlett.  Copyright  December  2014

Happy 2015

2014-01-25 10.31.35 (edited)

Best Wishes to all our Readers for a Happy and Peaceful New Year, from Everyone at Hedge End Methodist Church.

We are looking forward to many events during 2015, some of which are described below.

On New Years Day the Rambling Group will be going to Hill Head. We hope that it warms up by then!.

The first Sunday service will be on the 4th of January our Covenant Service with Rev. Arthur Cowburn.

Jammy Church our Fun sessions for all the family will be continuing on the second Saturday of every Month.

We are busy planning a Jigsaw Festival and Plant Sale on Saturday 2nd May.

We would be delighted to see you, at many of these events please keep looking to see what we are getting up to.

Carol Service

2014-12-20 11.17.28

On Sunday 21st December we held our Carol Service. This service was based on the traditional alternating of lessons and Carols.  Some of the Carols were sung impressively by the Choir only, and others we all got to join in. The Carols were a mixture of those familiar to us and some that were new to us. We also heard an orchestral arrangement which was played by a mostly brass band which was specially formed for the occasion.  At the end of the Service we were able to enjoy a Mince Pie with Tea or Coffee which gave us an opportunity to hear peoples news.

2014-12-20 11.19.21

We were pleased to see  many friends who we had not seen for while, it was good to see over a hundred people at the service.

Our Thanks to the Choir and their helpers for all the hard work that went into this enjoyable event.  We are looking forward to the Christmas Eve Midnight Service, and the Christmas Day service.

Advent and Christmas Activities

2013-12-15 11.38.09 There are several events during Hedge End Methodist Church’s celebration of Christmas this year. Details are given below:- In addition to these highlighted events our normal Sunday services will take place throughout December.

Christmas Lunch

This will take place on Sunday 7th December at a cost of £10. Booking forms are now available at the back of the church giving more details. This will a traditional Roast Christmas meal, with Christmas pudding or Apple pie to follow. The booking forms will need to be returned with your payment by Sunday 30th November. Sorry we can only feed people on the day who have booked.

Christmas “Jammy” Church

We will be celebrating Christmas by Crafting, Eating and Watching the Puppets between 10.30 and 12.30 on Saturday 13th December although this activity is primarily designed for families, people of all ages are welcome to attend. More details about Jammy Church can be found at

Sunday Christmas Celebration

On Sunday 14th December at our usual time of 10.30 a.m. Rev Arthur Cowburn will be leading our Sunday Service. This service will be for people of all ages and will include a Christmas based activity. DoneChristmasWindow

Carol Service

This will take place in the Church on Sunday 21st December at 4. p.m. and will include Bible Readings and Carols interlaced in the traditional Manner. The service will be led by Rev Arthur Cowburn  and the Church Choir.

Christmas Eve “Midnight Service”

This will take place at 11.30 P.M. on Wednesday 24th December. The Service will be conducted by our Minister Rev. Arthur Cowburn and will include Communion.

Christmas Morning Service

There will be a service at 9.30 on Wednesday 25th December. The short service will be conducted by Rev. Tony Parkinson. We celebrate the coming of the Christ Child, lightheartedly and with Joy on this special day.

Helping you to live in a fellowship of friendship.