Carnival Forces Cafe

As it is seventy years since D Day this year. As part of the Carnival Celebrations Hedge End Methodist Church will be reopening the “Forces Cafe” which originally was in the Schoolroom at the Back of the Church between August and November 1940, and from 1942 to 1944.

The Canteen was commerated in 2005 which was the 60th Anniversary of the end of the second World War when a Brass Plaque was presented to the Church by Hedge End Town Council and  put up over the Kitchen Hatch.

We will be serving refreshments between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday 5th July, The Carnival Procession starts at 2.15.

More Details of all the exciting events in Carnival Week can be found at

Money raised by the Carnival Committee is pledged to charities and organisations local to  Hedge End.


Afternoon Ramble

The evening ramble on Thursday 19 June 2014 arranged by Jeff and Pat will start at 2:00pm. in the afternoon.  Please note the time.  We will start from Basingwell car park in the centre of Bishops Waltham.

Colin’s House Group

I spoke to Pam for some time on Sunday about the continuation of Colin’s House Group.  Pam and the other members of the group are very enthusiastic that the group should keep going.  We had been concerned for some time about the group, and are very pleased to hear the good news.  Small social groups are the central part of our fellowship and we would like to encourage our friends to take part in social groups whether religious, pastoral or secular.

Fun This Saturday

ImageDuring the Morning of Saturday 14th June from 10.30 to 12.30 we will be holding our next “Jammy Church”.  This is an activity session for children, their families and the young at heart.  Each session is based on a biblical story or incident.  This Months session is based on the story of “The Feast”.  You will need to come along to find out more of what that is about.  There will be various activities and crafts to take part in and some food to eat.  You do not need to attend all the session; you could just pop in to see what we are up to.  Last Months session was based around the story of Moses and the Burning bush.  April’s session was Easter; a picture of some of what was made at the Easter session is shown above.

More information can be found on the Jammy Church Facebook page.

Church Anniversary


In 2014 Hedge End Methodist Church is celebrating 90 years in its current building. The first Methodists in Hedge End started meeting in 1857. The present building was opened in 1924.  The main celebrations will take place over the weekend of 4th and 5th October. We will start on the Saturday with a presentation entitled “A potted History of 157 years of Methodism in Hedge End. This will be followed by an  Anniversary Tea.  Entry to the Tea will be by invitation or ticket only to make sure that we have got the right amount of food. We are pleased that several people who have previously been involved with our Church have already told us they are able to attend.  We look forward to seeing them again.  On Sunday we will be holding an Anniversary Service at our usual time of 10.30 a.m.  We will be posting further information on this event nearer the time, and afterwards so you can see what we have been up to.

Geoffrey’s House Group: Joshua

from Geoffrey

Hi  folks,  I  hope  you  have  enjoyed  the  Bank  Holiday  weekend.  I  now  attach  the  timetable  for  our  Joshua  studies.
I  appreciate  that  some  of  you  will  only  be  able  to  attend  1  or  2  sessions,  but  you  will  be  very  welcome,  whenever  you  can  manage  it.  I  have  included  the  May  22nd  on  the  timetable  just  for  the  sake  of  completeness.
Jean  very  kindly  led  our  opening  prayer  last  time.  Just  a  reminder  —  if  any  others would   like  to  do  an  opening  prayer,  let  me  know.  It  doesn’t  have  to  be  long  or  complicated!  You  will  see  that  the  Joshua  series  has  12  sessions  and  we  may  well  later  decide  to  have  a  break  halfway  through  with  something  else,  before  resuming Joshua.  Look  forward  to  seeing  you  here  in  June.  Geoff.


Meetings once a month on Thursdays, from 7.30pm – 9pm, ending with light refreshments.

Group Leader: Geoffrey Scarlett

May 22nd: Session 1 — God’s Call and my insecurity : Joshua 1.
June 26th: Session 2 — Life-changing Faith : Joshua 2.
July 24th: Session 3 — Remembering what God has done : Joshua 3,1 — 5,12
August 21st: Session 4 — Claiming God’s Victories : Joshua 5,13 — 6,27
September 25th: Session 5 — Defeat, Confession and Victory : Joshua 7 — 8
October 16th: Session 6 — Deceived : Joshua 9.

Many thanks to all volunteer hosts.  May we also pray for Colin’s house group and members.

Sponsored Walk

On Saturday 7th June Dennis and Diane are taking  part in a Sponsored Walk in Aid of Action for Children. The Walk is from Barton on Sea to Milford on Sea, and back again, approximately 6 miles.  If you are interested in sponsoring them please speak to a Church Member to be introduced.

More details of the Walk can be found at

Action for Children was originally started by a Methodist Minister and two friends in 1869. It was formally known as National Children Homes. More details about Action for Childrens Work can be found at

Geoffrey’s New House Group Course

On Thursday 22nd May at 7:00pm. we will be starting a new study course based upon Old Jestament book of Joshua.  This will be slightly different for us as we usually have studied courses set on a theme, rather than biblical study.  Graham and Geoffrey looked around for something different based upon the Old Testament and we then choose Joshua.  This promises to be interesting if I remember when I last read some of the things that happened in the book of Joshua.

We would be very pleased to see new faces in our group.  We are trying to encourange many of our friends to view church as more than a Sunday Morning thing both in terms of secular and pastoral activities, and particularly in terms of being in one of the small house groups, where is far more easier to get to know different people.  Geoffrey’s group normally meets about once a month in the evening.  There are about 10 of us.  We enjoy meeting in one of four or five homes, where we enjoy hospitality, tea, coffee and cakes.  We do not lack noisy and excitable friends as well as quiet listeners.  I prefer these small discussion groups to Sunday Morning Worship where I tend to fidget.  Small groups are more about people.  Please come along, you are very welcome.

Helping you to live in a fellowship of friendship.