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Tony’s House Group


This reformed group is now meeting fortnightly alternating between a private home and zoom. The group is studying material that is complimentary to our holy habits study project.

LocationFrequencyDate & TimeStatus
Private HomeFortnightlyRestarted

This Fellowship Class is run by Tony. It is not a strict Bible study group. Each month a new topic is explored in a different and individual way. This is not directly related but is partially inspired by the Grasping the Nettle movement.

There is a common belief in society that increasing scientific knowledge implies that Science and Religion are in conflict, that we have outgrown the need for God, and that all questions of importance can only be answered by science.


We need to use all our faculties to seek out the truth. Denying any of our faculties and relying blindly on a subset whilst deliberately ignoring others – that’s dogma. The media industry likes dogmatic people, because they argue with each other.

We try and think things out.

Members are requested to respect the privacy of fellowship.

Welcome StatusTypical AttendanceCostTo Attend
Regulars & New Class Members8 adultsFreePlease Contact Tony