Hedge End Methodist Church

Our vision is to grow the spiritual and social life of the community through worship, learning, service and outreach.

Meetings: Doing things together

Classes01: Nettles Group
02: Chrysalis Group
Worship03: Traditional Sunday Morning Worship
04: Zoom Sunday Morning Worship
05: Printed Worship
Prayer06: Prayer Group (set prayers)
07: Prayer Group (free prayers)
Youth08: Jammy Church
09: Youth Group
10: Children’s Group
Other11: Coffee Morning
12: Pastoral Care Group
13: Methodist Women in Britain

You are welcome to much more than Sunday Morning Worship. We encourage all our brothers and sisters and to join the smaller social groups, and we intend to keep up our support for those who do not physically attend on Sundays.

01: Nettles Group

Private HomesEvery Month or Less
on Wednesday
7:30pm – 9:00pmActive


We usually meet once a month, but during Lent we usually do a weekly Lent Course. We often do one off activities and follow members own agendas and leadership. We looked at various unusual religious artefacts and their significance a few months ago. We talk about various themes and ideas. Sometimes we work from set study books but we try to keep these to a minimum.

We usually sample each others homemade cakes and talk about our cats.

  • The group is open to new members
  • Normal attendance 8 people
  • Speak to one of us to find out more

02: Chrysalis Group

Private HomesEvery WeekIntermittent


This group is currently undertaking a lent course.

  • Speak to one of us to find out

03: Traditional Sunday Morning Worship

ChapelEvery Sunday10:30am – 11:30amActive


We hold a Service every Sunday at 10:30am in the Chapel. These services last for approximately an hour and usually Tea and Coffee is available in the Hall afterwards. These services are conducted by different people and in different ways. When Special services take place such as Harvest details are posted in the “Upcoming Events” section of this website and details are given in a “blog” post, – The Small pictured items down the left side.

These services are also available on Zoom as this has the benefit of allowing people who are Physically unable to attend the service due to health, weather or Geography to join in.

You can join each service using Zoom please contact us for the Link, which is also published in the Weekly Newsheet. Sometimes for Special services the Zoom link is included in the Blog Post.

  • The group is open to new members
  • Normal attendance 50 people
  • Just turn up without further obligation

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04: Zoom Sunday Morning Worship

Your ComputerEvery Sunday10:20am – 11:30amActive


Zoom Community Worship now mirrors Chapel Community Worship. We are finding as many people using this service as the more tradition “Bums on seats” service (about 25 windows displaying 40 friends). Even people without computer skills have been popping up. We are pleased with the social interaction that this provides, such that we would want to continue regular Sunday Worship and Bible classes like this even when Social distancing allows.

There are two ways of accessing this service. Either follow the link in one of our website posts, which will display the Zoom service through a browser, or download the app and enter the code and password. It it very easy to set up. We are running the App on our desktop PC running “Ubuntu (Linux)” and on a notebook PC running”Windows 8″. Many other Computers are enabled and available.

Texts to Sunday Morning Worship are now posted on this website every week but may vary from the spoken word in the live meeting.

Visitors are very welcome to attend. You can leave your camera and microphone switched off to remain incognito if you want to remain private. Otherwise we’d love to say hello, even if it’s just once.

  • The goup is open to new members
  • Normal Attendance 8 people
  • Login details available to all

05: Printed Worship Texts

Private Homes via email,
website or printed delivery
Every WeekActive


Each Week a new Worship Text is posted. Though technically not a “meeting”, it provides for those who can’t attend physically. Many people like to go through this text on a Sunday Morning if they are unable to attend the Chapel or view on Zoom. We have many people we have never met who receive our weekly worship texts by subscribing to our emails, particularly from the USA and Canada.

This text is produced as a resource for the whole of Southampton Methodist Circuit, so it is unlikely but not impossible that it is the same service as in Church. The service is normally based on the Lectionary Reading allocated for the particular week.

Home Worship Text is now considered a core planned weekly resource for our visitors, friends and regulars. Each week it is written by a an active or retired methodist ministers or methodist local preachers. It appears as a blog post Sometimes with the “home picture”, and sometimes with a picture relevant to the text. Click the Get Posts by email button (bottom right) to receive Home Worship by email every week.

  • Open to new members
  • Currently received by 67 people
  • Hit the subscribe button (above right)

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Worship Texts

06: Prayer Group (set prayers)

Private Homes
or Chapel
Every Wednesday9:00am – 9:30noonActive


Following the recent week of Morning prayer as part of our Holy Habits activities it has been decided to continue to offer Morning prayer at 9.00 on Wednesday Mornings. This will start from Wednesday 7th July. The prayers will follow a simple format using the Northumbria community order of morning prayer . It is expected that the prayers will be led by different people at various times . On the first day the Prayers will be led by Rev Les Judd.

The Prayers will take place in the Chapel and it is expected that they will last for about Half and Hour.

For as long as necessary we will be taking precautions against Corona-virus so please follow any instructions that are in place at the time of your attendance

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07: Prayer Group (free prayers)

LocationFrequencyDate & TimeStatus
Private Homes
or School Room
Every 2nd or 3rd Friday7:30pm – 9:00pmActive


This Prayer Group operates a bit like a Quaker meeting. We sit in silent prayer until one of us decides to pray publicly. There is no set subjects for prayer although usually the host will provide a suggestive list of subjects he or she thinks might be relevant. There is no pressure for anyone to actively speak.

Subjects vary but are often linked to world events, the well-being of our friends, our relationships with God, thanksgiving, the practical support of the church and its fellowship classes, prayers for healing and motivation.

After about 40 minutes the meeting transforms into natter. We have recently moved from the School Room onto Zoom.

If you have a need for specific prayers for a particular person or situation you are welcome to let us know of your request using the contact us details at the bottom of this website. We take care to ensure appropriate levels of confidentiality and safeguarding, in our actions and prayers.

Members are requested to respect the privacy and responsibility of prayer. This is why the zoom link is given out individually rather than published – so individuals can pray appropriately knowing who is who and who, and who has given permission to others to pray for them in what prayer context.

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09: Jammy Church

LocationFrequencyDate & TimeStatus
Fellowship HallMonthlySunday?Restarting


Jammy Church “Jesus and me my church” is restarting. We will write more when more is known.

Great News Jammy Church is going to be back!!

We are thrilled to be able to announce the restart of Jammy Church on the 16th April and then monthly.

The new look will be on the 3rd Sunday of the month in the morning, Come at 9am to have breakfast together before hearing a Bible story and Worship Songs, then exploring the story through crafts and creative activities.

Rounding up before 10.30am, where you choice will be to stay for the traditional worship in the main Church, to go and enjoy the rest of your day or to stay in the back hall to finish any crafts you may be enjoying.

This time of Church is perfect for families, but open to anyone who likes to explore things creatively. All are Welcome.

Do spread the word and invite people to come and see what we are about.

External Website: Facebook (Hedge End Methodist Church)
  • Open to new members
  • The group currently has no members
  • Speak to one of us to find out or just turn up

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09: Youth Group

LocationFrequencyDate & TimeStatus


We have a 4:12 monthly teens group – friendship, food, faith and fun.

You are young, but do not let anyone treat you as if you were not important. Be an example to show the believers how they should live. Show them with your words, with the way you live, with your love, with your faith, and with your pure life.1 Timothy 4: 12 (International Children’s Bible)

See our thoughts: On Growing Up.

See “A People Place” on our Mission Statement.

10: Children’s Group

LocationFrequencyDate & TimeStatus
ChapelEvery Sunday10:30 – 11:30Active


There is a safe space for play at the back of the chapel. This area has desks, including drawing materials, for parents and their children to enjoy during and at the church service. We understand and embrace the concept of children, their noise, play and necessities.

The Children’s group will meet every week at the same time as the Sunday Morning Service at 10:30am, but this will be in the School Room at the back of the building. This will be dependant on there being any children and there being at least two people qualified to be near children on the premises and available to be with the children. This gives the parents the option of enjoying the Sunday Service on their own without the commitment of caring.

The Church used to have regular age specific Sunday School groups in the past, but recently the unknown number of children and the necessity to have multiple qualified carers on site in any particular week has become untenable. We will always do our best to fit in with the requirements of parents, children and carers as it goes on any particular week. We would like to do better, but the future will see.

We are prepared to accommodate and provide activities for a range of ages. The group does not have any set learning objectives or curriculum but may put forward Christian themes.

11: Coffee Morning

School RoomEvery Wednesday10:30am – 12:00noonActive


The Wednesday Coffee morning will resume on Wednesday 8th September in the Hall at the Back of the Church. Coffee, or Tea and Biscuits will be available. The Whole of the rear Hall will be in use not just the sectioned off area by the Kitchen. This will take place between 10-00 a.m. and 12 Noon every week, (unless there are odd circumstances such it Snowing or it being Christmas Day.). We will be using the whole of the Hall not just the small area near the Kitchen.

This event will now be known as the “Coffee Morning” and not the “Pop in Cafe” as in the past.

The Coffee morning will be taking place just after the end of the Wednesday morning prayers (in the Chapel) so it is possible to attend both if anyone wishes to do so.

The Coffee morning is open to everyone in the Church and the Community.

12: Pastoral Care Group

LocationFrequencyDate & TimeStatus
Zoom, Telephone
Private Homes


The pastoral care group consists of a number of people who have taken on the personal responsibility of contacting and praying for a small group of friends, including all official Methodist church members. They will act as “Samaritans” if and when the people under their care are in special need, and if appropriate call upon other members of the church to help, encourage and pray. They comfort the lonely, the sick and the housebound. They phone or visit. They keep in contact with the Methodist Paid Ministry if appropriate.

They are private individuals and act as private individuals, respecting the privacy of those in their care who opt into the care of a pastoral carer of their own free will as a private relationship. Therefore this group does not conform to the inclusivity and transparency we would expect of other groups.

This is the same processes that goes on between everyone both within and outside the church but it helps us to ensure that consenting lonely, sick or unhappy person we know are not left out.

This text is for explanation only. It does not officially or unofficially represent the Methodist Church, and does not comment upon professional care, safeguarding or the GDPR.

Recently some of us have become computer specialists going to friends homes and training them to use communications software such as zoom.

  • Pastoral care open to new members
  • Care list includes about 80 people
  • Speak to us to find out more

13: Methodist Women in Britain

VariousYearly 3 or 4 timesActive


We are an active participant in the local Southampton group of MWiB, and we attend several meetings a year often held at Romsey Methodist Church. This group is still very active although not holding its traditionally styled meetings at the moment.

Methodist Women in Britain (MWiB) is a self-financing volunteer-run charity within the Methodist Church in Britain. Our aims are three-fold:

  • 1 – to bring women together, encouraging one another to know Christ and to make him known, as Methodist women and as part of the wider Church in the world;
  • 2 – to encourage, resource and train women members of the Methodist Church, equipping them to participate more fully in the wider church and in society
  • 3 – to connect women in Britain with women overseas, working in partnership with others to raise awareness of and act upon issues of social justice around the world.“mwib.org.uk”

Anybody is welcome to join MWiB (Women are in the guild “for Meccanomen”).

Our (Southampton) District (number 26), extends north into Oxfordshire and includes most of Berkshire, parts of Wiltshire, with major areas of Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.“sdmc.org.uk/”

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