Hedge End Methodist Church

Our vision is to grow the spiritual and social life of the community through worship, learning, service and outreach.

Service Leaflet

This is a copy of the text of the leaflet given to visitors at the start of a church service.

A very warm welcome to anyone who is a visitor to our Church.

Please stay after worship for coffee, tea or squash which will be served in the Church Hall, to be found through the choir vestry which is reached through the door by the choir seating area.

Details of any additional services, if services are to include Holy Communion and many other activities
for the Church are shown in the weekly notices which are available at the doors to the Church.

There is a loop system for those with hearing aids – please switch to the ‘T’ setting.

Larger print hymn books and worship books are available from the door stewards.

The numbers of hymns to be sung during the service are shown on each of the 2 boards on the wooden pillars at the front of the church.

These books will be given out as required on entering the church.

The words of hymns will also be shown on the screen on the wall by the choir seating area.

The Bible Readings which will be read from the lectern, are shown in red letters on the board between the hymn numbers and the door into the vestry. Bibles are available in the pews for those who wish to look at the reading for themselves.

Standing is normally only required to sing hymns, during the Holy Communion service at the thanksgiving and when the offertory is brought forward. However, there is no need to stand if doing so might be a problem.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is included in morning worship about once a month as announced in the Preaching Plan and on the Weekly Notices. This is to remember the Last Supper which Jesus shared with his disciples, when we share bread and wine (non-alcoholic) together. All are welcome to receive the bread and wine, whether or not members of this church or any other. Those not wishing to partake may remain in the pews or kneel at the communion rail without offering a hand to receive the bread or wine. Instead, a blessing will be given.

The children of JAM (Jesus And Me) usually join us later during the service when the preacher will address them. When there is Holy Communion, the children will join us to receive Communion or a blessing as appropriate.

The Offertory will be announced during the service, for which stewards will pass along bags for donations. If you are not giving, please just pass on the bag. Most members of the church have a box containing an envelope for each week of the year and many have signed ‘gift aid’ forms, so that the tax paid on contributions to the church can be reclaimed from the Inland Revenue. Envelopes with spaces for name and address are also available at the entrance to the church, for single donations on the same basis. Gold coloured boxes are placed on a chair at the exits of the church for donations to any special appeals.

There are a number of Pastoral Visitors who maintain contact with members and friends of the Church, especially during times of illness and need.

The flowers in the Church are donated weekly by many members, sometimes in celebration or in memory.

The flowers are later distributed to those who are ill, in need, in celebration or unable to come to worship.

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