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Listening to Bible Audio Texts


Do you remember those Dr Who novels often written by Terrance Dicks, each with twelve chapters, which neatly dealt with both four and six episode stories. It is possible for a poor reader to consume a complete novel between Waterloo and Eastleigh. Not so with the Bible. Wouldn’t it be nice to find an Audio text, but this would take dozens of cassettes and hundreds of pounds.

Well things have moved on and we have Youtube and other media services. We would recommend the David Suchet series of read texts. These are divided into both full books and single chapters. David is such an excellent reader. We recommend you start with a small book (we started on “Ruth”).

You may wish to combine your listening with the “Overview” series from the “BibleProject” which excellently describes the books of the bible. When we typed “David Suchet Ruth 1” into the search box we found the Bible Project Overview came up as the next video. This makes a great way of home study.

External Videos: These video is not made by us but we think they may be of interest to our friends and visitors.

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