Hedge End Methodist Church

Our vision is to grow the spiritual and social life of the community through worship, learning, service and outreach.

Pastoral Care Group


Very active indeed at the moment

LocationFrequencyDate & TimeStatus
Zoom, Telephone
Private Homes

The pastoral care group consists of a number of people who have taken on the personal responsibility of contacting and praying for a small group of friends, including all official Methodist church members. They will act as “Samaritans” if and when the people under their care are in special need, and if appropriate call upon other members of the church to help, encourage and pray. They comfort the lonely, the sick and the housebound. They phone or visit. They keep in contact with the Methodist Paid Ministry if appropriate.

They are private individuals and act as private individuals, respecting the privacy of those in their care who opt into the care of a pastoral carer of their own free will as a private relationship. Therefore this group does not conform to the inclusivity and transparency we would expect of other groups.

This is the same processes that goes on between everyone both within and outside the church but it helps us to ensure that consenting lonely, sick or unhappy person we know are not left out.

This text is for explanation only. It does not officially or unofficially represent the Methodist Church, and does not comment upon professional care, safeguarding or the GDPR.

Recently some of us have become computer specialists going to friends homes and training them to use communications software such as zoom.

Welcome StatusTypical AttendanceTo Attend
Private Group

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