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Les’ House Group (Weekly)


This group is currently ACTIVE, but FULL.

When does this group meet?
The group meets every week.

does this group have a break?
The group is continuous throughout the year but from time to time has rest breaks.

Where does this group meet?
On Zoom.

Who is the contact for this group?
Les, Alison or the website.

Who is the leader of this group?

Who may join?
The group is open to all.

Can I attend just once?
Yes, in order to see if you like the group.

Is regular attendance beneficial?
Members are generally expected to attend on most occasions to gain benefit from the subjects on study and to aid continuity.

This Fellowship Class is run by Les. It operates a two week cycle. On the first week there is a discussion and setting up of a subject followed by social natter. On the second week everybody talks about the set subject. Anyone can suggest a subject.

Members are requested to respect the privacy of fellowship.

First time adults: More suitable for regulars and known friends

Rating: 1 out of 3.

Children: Welcome but not really suitable

Rating: 1 out of 3.

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