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Concert at the Berry Theatre

The New Music Makers have a concert coming up on Friday 3rd June at the  Berry Theatre in Hedge End starting at 7.30 p.m.. The concert is titled “Pop into Summer”  Tickets cost £10 or £8 and are available from the Berry Theatre.

The New Music Makers practice their singing in Hedge End Methodist Church on a Thursday Evening.

More details about them and  there  concerts can be found at:-

More details of the concert at the Berry Theatre can be found at


Churches Together Christian Aid

On Saturday 21st May Churches together in Hedge End and Botley are holding a Mini Market and Lunch. This Event will take place at the United Reform Church between 10 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. The Mini Market will include Books, Plants, Cakes, Toys and a Sweet Tombola. The Lunch will take place at Midday.  This Event is in Aid of Christian Aid as it is Christian Aid week from the 15th to 22nd of May. The United Reform Church is on the edge of the “Post Office” Car Park in the Centre of Hedge End.

For More details about Christian Aid week please see the recent post Christian Aid Week 2016


On Friday  15th April about 20 of us got together in the Church for an open meeting to Learn what a Labyrinth is.  This came about because there has been a suggestion to paint a Labyrinth on the back car Park.  Many of us were not really sure what a Labyrinth was and wanted further information before any decision was made.

The Rev. Janice Cowburn kindly came along to talk to us about Labyrinths.  A Labyrinth is not the same as a Maze as there is one obvious path in a Labyrinth rather than having false Paths as you do in a Maze.  There is a long History of Labyrinths starting way before the birth of Christ.  A well known story involving Labyrinths is that of Theseus and the Minotaur.  There is a Labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral which was made in the 11th Century.

As well as talking to us about the History of Labyrinths we were also able to try some out as some Labyrinths constructed on Sailcloth had been borrowed for the evening.

We do not know yet whether we will end up having a Labyrinth or not in the Car Park as we are still at the early stages, but whatever the outcome we all had a good evening and had learnt a lot we did not know before.

Thank you to Rev. Janice Cowburn for  talking to us and hosting an informative but at the same time relaxing evening.





Christian Aid Week 2016

This years Christian Aid Week will take place from 15th to 21st May.

The Theme is “Love Every Neighbour” which is based on John 15 verse 12. “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”.

More details can be found at

If you wish to donate please use the envelopes which will be available in the Pews or if

you  do not have access to these please see the website above.


Hedge End Carnival

On Saturday 2nd July Hedge End Carnival will be taking place. Our church family will be taking part in it. The Carnival has been running since 1921 and raises money for good causes local to Hedge End. The Entries start to meet at the recreation ground opposite our church at 12.00. We need to be in place to be judged at 1.00 and the Procession starts at 2.15 p.m, slowly travelling to Greta Park (next to Hedge End Library). Please note the times given are the times from last year; if anything is different this year we will let you know as soon as we can.

Last year we got a cup for our walking group, and this year we will be bigger and better. We are planning to hire an open topped bus which will depict Noahs Ark. We hope that we can avoid the Flood. If you wish to be on the bus please dress up as any Animal (or come as a human); it does not need to be a sophisticated costume. If you have something that was made or bought for another occasion that would be fine. Coming in two by two is not compulsory either.

We shall also be serving Hot and Cold Drinks and possibly some Cake outside the Church before, during and after the Procession. Helpers with this task would be gratefully received. Last year many people welcomed the opportunity to sit down for a few minutes.

This is not just for the Children in the Church; it is for everyone. If you are unable to Dress up as an Animal please do come and take part, after all, Noahs whole Family were on the Ark. It will be possible to sit down on the Bus, if needed. You are very welcome on the bus without dressing up. This invitation is not just for those people who attend Sunday Morning Worship. People who attend any activity associated with the Church are welcome to take part.

This is an excellent opportunity to all have a good time, whilst telling the people of Hedge End and further afield that we are here, and that God is important to us, and for them. This is part of continuing outreach into the Community.

Football Final

On Saturday 14th  May one of the two Church Football teams will  be playing in the Solent Churches League  Division  2 Final. The Blue team will  be hoping to repeat their success of last year and win the cup.  They will be playing against  a team from City Life Church.The Match will take place at 10.00 a.m. at the Romsey town Football club ground – just along from the Romsey Rapids. Supporters  from the Church are welcome please wear something blue.



Hardy Concert Tickets


We will be hosting the Madding Crowd on Saturday 7th May, When they will be performing their concert about Thomas Hardy. Tickets are now available within the Church or if you are in the local Area please see the Posters for a Telephone Number. Tickets will also be sold on the door.

For more details please see the previous post  by clicking on the link

The Madding Crowd Hardy Concert

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We are looking forward to enjoying listening to singing whilst learning about Thomas Hardy.

Final Preparations Plants and Auction

Final Preparations are now being made for our Plant Sale and Silent Auction which will be taking place this Saturday (30th April).

For more details please see our previous blog post

Plant sale and Silent Auction

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We hope that you are able to attend on the day. The Event will go ahead even if it is raining, but we hope that it is a sunny day.

The Plant pictures above were taken at our Autumn Fayre, as it is now Spring the Plants available may be different.


Hosting Circuit Prayer Breakfast

On Saturday 7th May  we will be hosting the Circuit Prayer Breakfast between 8.30 and 10.00 a.m. We will start by enjoying Cereals, Porridge and Toast together. Then Prayer will be led by the Rev. Arthur Cowburn. This is part of the series of monthly prayer Breakfasts being hosted in turn by the Churches in the Southampton Circuit.

Baptisms and Elections Kenyan Style

Graham Says

Greetings, This is my last blog from Nairobi on this trip.

Last week there were Nomination Forms for Church Officers elections at their AGM on 30 April. Everyone received the A4 form; the 5 retiring positions for which fresh nominations were sought whilst 10 more positions had holders seeking re-election and there were a further 27 holders who were not up for re-election this year. That’s 42 office holders!   Interesting that in some cases, anyone can nominate for a position but only the members of that group [such as ‘older persons’, ‘choir’, and ‘youth’] can actually vote in that category. The AGM is at 0800  on a Saturday morning, by the way.

Their website is well organised and you can hear the sermon each week and you can read the synopsis of the message which is printed each week in the pew sheet. Check it out at

Here you can download the weekly sermon or you can read the weekly blog, which is the sermon in précis!   They also have a Facebook blog which you can access at

[see how long the services are planned for!]

Sunday 17th April was Youth Sunday when the young people took the service. The usual choir was replaced by about 35 primary age children plus two early teens who introduced the entire programme. The band comprised entirely of teenagers with drums, guitar, trumpet and an adept young lady on the electric keyboard. All very professionally done, with all the youngsters in vivid orange T-shirts emblazoned on the back with ‘Lavington United Church, Youth Outreach’. They congregation joined in singing, including a mighty rendering of ‘I have joy, joy, joy,   joy – joy in my heart’ ………………..But the most telling thing was the prayers – about five primary age kids, one after the other, gave very heart-felt and well thought out prayers spoken extemporary – not written down! Half our own congregation could not do that! I guess they come from families where prayer is part of everyday life. Not seen this before.

The Youth Minister said their Vacation Bible School [Kenyan schools have a 4-week break right now] targeted for 90 attendees but 152 had attended – it ran for a week from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm daily with food provided – a mixture of fun and learning, – evidently it is an annual event. Parents were urged to sign up their own children and for the children also to bring their friends too.

There was also infant baptisms of about 7/8 babies with their parents, families and godparents present plus two infant dedications – the Minister hoped these two would be back soon for baptism itself. LUC [being a Methodist-Anglican-Presbyterian Church] has its own Worship Book which we used – it is curiously comprehensive with forms of service for all sorts of occasions. Interesting.

I hope you have enjoyed these jottings – it was a privilege and a pleasure to be in such a congregation.