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Harvest Leaflets and Scarecrows


We have recently taken delivery of our Harvest Leaflets. These are now available at Church and have been or will be given out to Members of the various groups that meet within the Church. The Leaflets have also been collected by the Hedge End and Botley Courier for distribution with the paper at the end of the Month. If you have anywhere you can give out or put out these leaflets please ask for some.

There is no need to struggle to read the small writing in the pictures of the Harvest Leaflets as more details can be found in the article  Harvest 2016 further down this page.

The Scarecrows on the front of the Leaflet will be appearing outside the Church again sometime at the beginning of September. They may look slightly different to they did last year as they required “Major Surgery” after getting so Wet in the downpours last Autumn. Hopefully it will be drier for them and us this Harvest



Riverside Walk

On Thursday 4th August at 7 p.m. 15 of us met at Burridge Recreation ground for a walk along the River Hamble. It was a lovely sunny evening. The Hamble is tidal at this point and there was not much water in it at the time we were there, but we could see how much the riverbed could be filled up due to the size of the mudflats. We walked on a narrow path close to the edge of the River, we had to go single file most of the time. We did not get wet or muddy feet as the National Trust who own the land had put a lot of boards and steps down for walkers. We Walked for about an hour enjoying lovely views of the river all the time.  After the walk some of us went to continue our chatting at the “Horse and Jockey” at Curdridge where we sat outside until it was nearly dark. Our Thanks to those people who had kindly organised the walk for  us. They had done the walk twice that day having checked the route during the morning.

Jammy Outside Fun


On Saturday  13th August we will be holding our next Jammy Church. This event will take place between 10.30 and 12.30 p.m.

Jammy Church is our once monthly   activity session for children, their families and the young at heart.    There will be various activities and crafts to take part in and some food to eat.  You do not need to attend all the session; you could just pop in to see what we are up to.  Weather Permitting we intend to spend most of the morning outside.

The  Morning will conclude with a Barbeque.

More information can be found on the Jammy Church Facebook page.

Church Charities

We have recently held Church Council.  It is customary  that the Church Charities are reviewed at this meeting. The Church Charities are normally elected for two years. The Church Charities are supported by money given at an extra Collection taken at Communion services, and on occasions additional fundraising.

The support for the Kings School and the Bible Society our current Church Charities comes to an end on 31st August. It was decided to continue the support for the Bible society for another year commencing on the 1st of September.

more details about the Bible Society can be found at

some of you may have attended the service taken by Mr  Eric Stevens of the bible society in January

.Visit by Bible Society

It was also agreed to support Shepherds Down Special  School at Otterbourne. The school has approximately 130 pupils of Primary age who all have special needs as a result of various learning difficulties.

more details about the school can be found  at

The question of Toilet twinning also came up at this meeting and we decided to twin the Church toilets with Toilets overseas. It was decided  to twin all four rooms of toilets. There are 2.4 billion people in the world without access to Toilets. This results in spread of disease. The idea is that you pay a small fee per month which results in a toilet being built in a Poverty stricken area, you then get sent a picture of the toilet to put in your toilet.

More details can be  found at


Thank you from the Girls Brigade


The Girls Brigade would like to thank everyone who kindly gave them “Sainsburys  Active Kids” Vouchers. The Vouchers have now been sent of to Sainsburys resulting in receiving

  • 4 Cooling trays
  • 3 Bun Tins
  • 3 Baking sheets
  • 3 Mixing bowls
  • 3 measuring cups
  • 3 rolling pins
  • 3 Spatulas

It seems likely that there will be some  yummy cakes soon.

Anniversary Service

On Sunday 16th October  during our Normal service at 10.30 a.m. we will be celebrating our Anniversary. The Preacher will be Rev Stephen Wright who was our  Minister from 2004-2005. It will be good to see him again.

We are celebrating 92 years in this building and 159 years of Methodism in Hedge End.

Harvest 2016

On Sunday 11th September at 10.30 a.m. the Harvest Festival Service will be conducted by our Minister Rev. Arthur Cowburn.  Harvest Festival marks the end of the main Harvest season.  We give thanks to God for the crops that have been grown and celebrate the hard work involved in reaping them.

During the Service people will be given an opportunity to donate food to the Basics Bank and St Dismas, a Charity that helps the Homeless.

More information about the basics bank can be found at

if you wish to donate some  Food please bring some with you.  In the past the Charity has been given lots of Baked Beans so if you can another product would be appreciated.  Donating is not compulsory you are very welcome to join us for the service whether or not you donate.

Harvest Festival is a lovely community event, which can be enjoyed by families, friends and occasional visitors. There will be an invitation to Tea, coffee and biscuits after the service.

Carnival Fun

We all had a good time in Hedge End Carnival last Saturday despite the Rain perhaps we should have expected it doing Noah’s Ark.

A Big thank you to Southampton and District Transport Heritage Trust who supplied us with the bus and the Driver and did not mind us  sticking pictures on the windows.  Thank you to everyone who took part or helped in anyway to make the day possible.

We had Mr and Mrs Noah (Pictured above) in the Bus and lots and lots of different Animals. It was noted that Mrs Noah had a vegetarian cook book so the animals should have been safe. The Animals included a Sheep, Tiger, Monkey, Rabbit, Donkey, Penguin, and many others.  We  even had the bird that Noah sent out when the Flood water had gone down complete with the olive branch it came back with.

Those of us who did not take part in the parade served tea, Coffee, squash and Cakes to anyone who was passing by and wished to sit down. We enjoyed many interesting conversations with those people including sharing memories that people had of times in our Church.

It was requested by some of our fellow paraders that we set our entry in the desert next year to guarantee no rain. If you can think of an appropriate biblical story do let us know.

More pictures can be found at Carnival Photos

or if you do not want to click the link please scroll down this page.

Daniel and the Lions


The Theme for the next Jammy Church on Saturday 9th July is Daniel and the Lions.This Activity will take place between 10.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m.  People of all ages are welcome to come along and join in with Craft Activities  and worship related to the theme above. Please ensure that an Adult stays with all children. We finish the mornings activities with Lunch. There is no charge for attending, but if you wish a box is available to make a donation.

.More information can be found on the Jammy Church Facebook page.

The picture above shows some of the food prepared for  last months Jammy Church. The Menu may be different this month.

Carnival Photos

It was Hedge End Carnival Today. When we decided to do Noahs Ark we did not know we were going to get so Wet. It was good to meet so many people whilst taking part in the Parade and serving Tea and Coffee outside. This Blog is for the Pictures we hope to write more about our experiences later.

Thank you to everyone for Everything they did.