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Carnival Fun

We all had a good time in Hedge End Carnival last Saturday despite the Rain perhaps we should have expected it doing Noah’s Ark.

A Big thank you to Southampton and District Transport Heritage Trust who supplied us with the bus and the Driver and did not mind us  sticking pictures on the windows.  Thank you to everyone who took part or helped in anyway to make the day possible.

We had Mr and Mrs Noah (Pictured above) in the Bus and lots and lots of different Animals. It was noted that Mrs Noah had a vegetarian cook book so the animals should have been safe. The Animals included a Sheep, Tiger, Monkey, Rabbit, Donkey, Penguin, and many others.  We  even had the bird that Noah sent out when the Flood water had gone down complete with the olive branch it came back with.

Those of us who did not take part in the parade served tea, Coffee, squash and Cakes to anyone who was passing by and wished to sit down. We enjoyed many interesting conversations with those people including sharing memories that people had of times in our Church.

It was requested by some of our fellow paraders that we set our entry in the desert next year to guarantee no rain. If you can think of an appropriate biblical story do let us know.

More pictures can be found at Carnival Photos

or if you do not want to click the link please scroll down this page.


Daniel and the Lions


The Theme for the next Jammy Church on Saturday 9th July is Daniel and the Lions.This Activity will take place between 10.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m.  People of all ages are welcome to come along and join in with Craft Activities  and worship related to the theme above. Please ensure that an Adult stays with all children. We finish the mornings activities with Lunch. There is no charge for attending, but if you wish a box is available to make a donation.

.More information can be found on the Jammy Church Facebook page.

The picture above shows some of the food prepared for  last months Jammy Church. The Menu may be different this month.

Carnival Photos

It was Hedge End Carnival Today. When we decided to do Noahs Ark we did not know we were going to get so Wet. It was good to meet so many people whilst taking part in the Parade and serving Tea and Coffee outside. This Blog is for the Pictures we hope to write more about our experiences later.

Thank you to everyone for Everything they did.

Carnival Preparation

During the Evening of Friday 24th June we started making Banners,  Animals and Costumes for the Hedge End Carnival. We all had a good time doing so. I was impressed by a six year old who can stay inside painted lines a lot better than I can.

The Carnival will take place on Saturday 2nd July. The Carnival has been running since 1921 and raises money for good causes local to Hedge End. The Entries start to meet at the recreation ground opposite our church around 12.00 and the Procession starts at 2.15 p.m, slowly travelling to Greta Park (next to Hedge End Library). . We are hiring a bus and will be depicting  Noahs Ark.

We shall also be serving Hot and Cold Drinks and possibly some Cake outside the Church before, during and after the Procession. .



Greetings (from Graham)
I have been a bit more active this trip, as a colleague invited me to a Sunday evening walk along the perimeter running track around a cricket pitch; we arrived about 5.45 at the Jaffery Sports Ground. It was busy with dozens of people of all ages and all races busy walking or trotting or even running full speed around the perimeter track. It is hard surfaced and quite wide and I have been a few times and now fast-walk at least ten times round – I am told it is 400 metres so I guess I walk about 4 kms in about the hour

Last weekend, the same colleague suggested a walk through Nairobi Arboretum which is next door to State House, the official residence of the President. That was interesting in a different way. It is obviously under-maintained [lack of funds] but over-used. It was a Saturday afternoon and full of people, individuals, couples, groups and entire church or school outings. It is a vast area on a hillside and there is both organised paths, parkland and wooded areas all intermingled.   We got a bit lost on one path and heard wild shouting and came across an area where individuals and small groups of adults were praying aloud – very aloud! – both in English and in Kiswahili – they were all walking backwards and forward in a small area whilst entreating God. A bit bizarre but indicative of a very different attitude some Kenyans have to their faith.

LUC continues to intrigue me; recently they had organised the fitting of removable long cushions in all the pews so it was more comfortable and the Minister took time to bless the new cushions and there was general approval of the innovation, even though the church is well on the way to reaching its New Sanctuary Fund target. They are going to build an underground carpark beneath the new building –it will be on the site of the current building and they will temporarily use another building on the site whilst the works are in progress. Guess it will be a couple of years away yet.

Last week in their Mission series, the preacher used Proverbs 3.28 to speak about Mission to our Neighbours, asking us – do you really know them? Do you reach out to them? Do you pray for them and do you ever invite them into your homes and to Church events?   It is inevitable we have neighbours but are we ourselves patient, consistent and considerate towards them? ……………….or do we sort of ignore them? It is easy to acknowledge them in a neutral sort of manner but being pro-active and being genuinely neighbourly is sometimes more troublesome for us. In fact, do we even know the first names of our near neighbours?

Being a large congregation they have a wide array of activities going on all week, all of which seem to have a positive Christian input. No meetings pass without an active acknowledging why they are there. I notice from the weekly pew sheet that most Sunday afternoons there are Bible Study classes – last week there were five mentioned for that week. Whilst Sunday morning services are a big deal, there are no regular Sunday evening services at LUC so that the congregation have the rest of the day with their families and friends. It seems to be a general thing in Nairobi because most churches seem not to have Sunday evening services.

LUC has a school attached and recently one colleague organised the delivery of an entire set of key-stage books and teaching aides to the school, as his partner works in a school in the Midlands and she found that the books were to be scrapped and they decided to donate them.

This week at Lavington the theme was ‘Mission to the Poor’ – the Minister ran a children’s home within ‘Compassion International’ – they took children from 3 years old through to leaving secondary school or leaving University and a couple were there to give testimony to how well they had been cared for. They also had a 25-strong choir – a lively noisy cheerful bunch who sang heartily and loudly – the lead singer was a natural and will surely go far with a very powerful voice and uninhibited style.

The Reverend said that the poor were amongst us by divine design not by default, they are not someone else responsibility and we should minister to them. He said we should take pity on them, and not be cold and calloused; we should be practical not just giving lip service, and not be crafty but give unconditionally and not to begrudge them   I think poor people in poor countries tend to be relatively more generous than us in very rich countries. He said we should be generous and not resentful. Not sure we all live up to these high standards!

It is mid-winter here and it is wet and cool [well, about 18° at night and 22° in the day] and the rains cause potholes and traffic is slow and the streets are muddy. Guess it is better in the UK.

enjoy your week,


Football Team


Congratulations to the Church Football Team who are top of the Solent Churches League. They also are the Winners of the League cup for the second year in a row beating a team from City Life Church  in a Match on Saturday 14th May. We got to see their Trophy and Cup when they bought them along to the service on Sunday 12th June, when we got the opportunity to congratulate them on their success.


Brigades Awards Evening

We have all been invited by the Boys and Girls Brigades to their Display and Awards Evening. This will take place in the Hall on Tuesday 21st June starting at 6.30p.m. There will be a display which normally consists of various sketches, Music and Singing. This is followed by the presentation of Badges and Awards. The awarding is normally done by the respective district commisioners  of the Brigades.

More details can be found at


Caribbean Evening

We all really enjoyed the Caribbean Evening at Northam yesterday.  As usual we had a massive amount of food.  This year we had five musicians, who were really cool (was that hot).  The atmosphere was fantastic.  Thankyou Gordon.  Thankyou ladies in the kitchen.

Farewell to Hudsons

On  Sunday 26th June at 3 p.m. we will be hosting the Southampton Circuit Farewell Service for Rev. Terry Hudson and his wife Rev. Dawn Hudson.  Rev. Hudson is retiring from his role as the Circuit Superintendent  Minister. He joined the Southampton Methodist Circuit as Superintendent Minister in 2009.

The Service will be followed by a Faith Tea. Everyone who knows Terry and Dawn is very welcome to attend.


“Songs of Praise” at “Big Church Day out”

On Sunday 12th June the BBC “Songs of Praise” will  be showing a programme which was recorded at the “Big Church Day out”. The “Big Church Day out” is a Christian Festival which took place in West Sussex over the May Bank Holiday Weekend ( 27th to 29th May) The Festival was attended by approximately 25,000 Christians.. The Programme will be broadcast on BBC1 Between 12.40 and 1.15 p.m. If you look carefully you may be able to  spot several people from Hedge End Methodist Church who attended the Festival.

Everyone who went from our Church had a good time and came back full of Enthusiasm and with ideas for Worship, outreach and Charity Projects  They are looking forward to going back next year and hopefully taking more people with them.

If you miss the programme we presume that the programme will be available after broadcast on the BBC Catch up system, but this is usually only available for 30 days.