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Find out more – take a leaflet


Our mission is to bring people together, so that in friendship, we may follow our Lord, more clearly.  We need to find ever more practical ways of letting people know the basics of belonging to a church society; for most people, their only contact with church people and fellowship is through TV news items and people on the streets with megaphones.  Many different organisations have leaflet distributor panels, and people can find out about the National Trust or Legoland, by picking up a leaflet.  This is the stewards attempt at making a distribution panel.  The aim is to generate about 100 different leaflets that give a basic picture of Hedge End Methodists.  We aim to post or distribute some of these leaflets outside the church, and around Hedge End.  In the time being this is the first leaflet holder containing fourteen leaflets.  The leaflets have mostly been copied from information on our website blog.  Clearly there is much more to say about all the fellowship societies, and what we do that will be of interest to both long time friends and strangers.  If anyone can help with writing about any subject we would be very pleased to hear.  You do not have to be computer literate.

Please please take plenty of these leaflets and hand them round.  If you find evangelism hard, give someone a leaflet instead.  Keep them on the coffee table at home.  Post them on the fridge.  Give them to your friends and family.  Enjoy them yourself.  We really want to let people know, and to reassure them, about all the little things that stop them from getting together in fellowship.  Unless we tell people, they just don’t know.  You can do something.  Please take some leaflets.


Prayer Board

In association with our Weekly and Monthly Prayer Groups, Richard and Rachel have instigated a Prayer Board right next to the Tea and Coffee hatch. Everyone is welcome to contribute to its contents or ask for prayers in the continuing book of prayer requests in the front lobby. Please have a look at the Prayer Board contents as you walk past, perhaps to inspire you in your own prayers.