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Barbeque and Walk

On Bank Holiday Monday over 20 of us met up for a Barbeque at the Home of some of our Church members in Swanmore. This was a time of Fundraising as well as Fellowship as the profit made from our payments towards the meal went to Prostate Cancer Research. Due to the good weather we were able to sit in the Garden, something we have not been able to do at this event for a couple of years. We enjoyed a lovely Lunch starting with Sausages, burger, chicken, Salad, Potatoes and Bread, and finishing with a choice of Blackberry and Apple Crumble, Apple Pie or Strawberries.

After our food had gone down some of us went for a Walk around the Lanes and Fields of Swanmore.  We passed some Blackberry bushes in fruit which made us think that it was nearly the end of Summer. We also saw some Highland Cattle in the Nature reserve that we passed through, one of which jumped backwards when we accidently made a loud noise. It was enjoyable seeing flowers and plants and other sights of the countryside.

When we got back we realised that we had Walked about 5 miles. We were greeted on our return with very welcome Tea and Cake. Our thanks to our hosts for making this day out possible.


Botley Ramble

Hedge End Methodist Church Ramblers A4 3x1 Poster

On Thursday 11th June 2015 Jeff kindly arranged for us to go on a ramble around Botley.  Fourteen of us turned up at the Mortimer Road car park to the west of Botley village.  We walked northwards until we started along a country path and walked past many fields.  Some of us were licked by a friendly horse (not quite what we had in mind) and we saw country houses that one could easily covert.  We noted a big venue where people could get married in commercial weddings.  Lots of small posters suggested the groom was James Bond!  We went to where the barges were sited during the second world war and waved to three scantily clothed men in a boat.  We headed back towards the high street where most of us went into the type of establishment where allegedly Methodists never go.  We value our ramble social group as an important part of our church fellowship pastoral care, and we all enjoyed the pleasure of our God given early summer evening.

Woodmill Walk

2014-08-07 19.16.52

Nine of us met at the Woodmill car park during the evening of Thursday 7th August.  We started by walking along the edge of the river Itchen at the Edge of the Park, where we saw about 15 ducks all sat on a log.  We walked up to the old bridge, and then we then went through a wood.  We saw the remains of a lock on the Itchen Navigation which was built as a Canal about 300 years ago.  We carried on until we reached the Mansbridge Reservoir which had a lot of Waterlilies on it.  We went a different way back to the bridge near the beginning of the walk and turned right.  This took us past some houses until we came to the South Stoneham Church.  According to the sign some of the the Church dates back to the 12th Century.  We looked at the different sorts of stonework on the building and the signs on their memorial gardens. We then walked back along the road for a while, and along a small path until we got to the Canoe centre on the otherside of the Road from where we had parked the cars.  We enjoyed the sunshine and the opportunity to explore some of the History of the area.  Thank you to those people who kindly led us on the Walk.

Swanwick Stroll

2014-07-16 18.45.15During the Evening of Wednesday 16th July, 18 of us met in the Swanwick Shore Car Park. We strolled along the River in the direction of Warsash, enjoying a cooling breeze while we walked. We saw lots of ducks who were swimming in a straight line, and a Llama which was in a field with a small pony. We walked through the Universal Boatyard, and saw many large yachts including some which seemed to be in a multistorey boat park. After about half an hour we stopped at a Bridge for a while, and had a sweet each. We then returned to the Car Park the same way that we had come. Our thanks to those people who had arranged the Walk. It was good to enjoy the Scenery whilst enjoying fellowship together.

Ramble News May 2014


The ramble on 15th May at 7:30pm. has been cancelled.  Thankfully there is another ramble at the end of the month.

You are invited to join the rambling group for a walk at Chawton near Alton on Saturday 31st May and after for lunch at The Greyfriar at Chawton.  You may park in the pub car park and we suggest we meet at the tea room next door at 11am. for coffee. The walk will include a visit to the local church and and as we go through a wooded area walking boots are advised.  Menus are available from Marilyn or Michael or can be seen on the website  Please let them have your food order by Monday 26th May.  Jane Austen`s house is across the road from The Greyfriar for those who may wish to visit after lunch.

Ramble In Hamble


On Saturday April 5th we ventured on the first Ramble of the Year. 15 of us met in Hamble during the Morning. We walked down to the Quay and then through the Woods to the Beach. We then Walked along the Beach and back to the Village. It was slightly damp and drizzly but none of us got too wet, and we managed to avoid the most muddy paths. Some people who had walked along the beach on a previous Walk were surprised at the extent of the erosion of the Beach paths; this is presumably a result of the recent storms. We were pleased to see that the Spring Flowers were starting to appear. After the Walk we went into to the “Victory” Pub where we had Lunch together. Our Thanks to those people who had arranged this Ramble for us.

Ramblers Programme for 2014

Thu 20 Mar    Rambling Group Lunch with Michael and Jenny
Sat  05 Apr     Saturday Ramble with Jenny and friends
Mon 21 Apr     Easter Treasure Hunt and lunch with Brenda and Alec
Thu 15 May    Evening Ramble with Colin and Sue
Sat  31 May    Saturday Ramble with Michael and Marilyn
Thu 19 Jun     Evening Ramble with Jeff and Pat
Tue 01 Jul      Day in the country with Brian and Marlene
Tue 15 Jul      Evening Ramble with Stuart and Maureen
Thu 07 Aug     Evening Ramble with Geoff and Val
Mon 25 Aug    BBQ with Malcolm and Margaret
Thu 28 Aug     Evening Ramble with Margaret and friends
Sat  06 Sep    Day on the Isle of Wight with Chris and Diane
Sat  27 Sep    Saturday Ramble with Diane & Dennis
Sat  25 Oct     Saturday Ramble with Jennie
Thu 01 Jan     New Year Ramble with Chris and Val

These walks are an opportunity for fellowship and to broaden our knowledge of the areas around us. If those responsible for an event are unable to organise and lead it, please arrange an exchange with one of the other people on the list or find someone else, who can take your place. Although Saturday Rambles usually include an optional lunch, evening Rambles only include a supper venue at the discretion of the organisers/leaders.

Organisers should pass details of the meeting place, time (and meal venue, if appropriate) to Michael for inclusion in the weekly notice sheet as early as possible.

A warm welcome is given to anyone who would like to join us.
Enquiries to Jenny