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Monday Group

Pam says:

The Monday group met again on the 28th July at Pam ‘s with 9 of us in attendance.  Glenys opened with a meaningful prayer and then our discussions began.  We were amazed when an hour and ten minutes had passed.  Everyone made lively and thoughtful contributions.  Pam read us a story based on “favouritism” – the topic under discussion – which everyone found thought Provoking.  We concluded it was one of our best sessions.  We ended with strawberries, ice-cream and hot chocolate sauce, pineapple fruit loaf and small cakes, tea or coffee.


Colin’s House Group

from Pam:

Colin’s House Group has been re-named the Monday Group after Colin ‘s ‘passing. 9 of us met on Monday afternoon at Pam ‘s where we continued our study of James.  Valuable contributions were made by all members and lively discussions ensued.  We ended our gathering with tea, coffee and Pam’s homemade cakes – Strawberry shortcake, lemon drizzles and paradise squares.

Colin’s House Group

I spoke to Pam for some time on Sunday about the continuation of Colin’s House Group.  Pam and the other members of the group are very enthusiastic that the group should keep going.  We had been concerned for some time about the group, and are very pleased to hear the good news.  Small social groups are the central part of our fellowship and we would like to encourage our friends to take part in social groups whether religious, pastoral or secular.