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Methodists in Kenya

Some words from Graham (one of of Church members) on his adventures whilst working in Kenya

Greetings from Nairobi!

I contacted the local Methodist Church Headquarters for Kenya before I left the UK. They told me about two Methodist Churches in the City.

As a result, as I am working here for a few weeks, I am attending Lavington United Church [LUC] – Lavington which is a short taxi ride from the project apartments where we stay in the nearby suburb of Hurlingham. LUC is about the size of SJR(Saint James Road in Shirley Southampton) although it does have an adjoining Academy/Boarding School and a large prefab meeting hall and it is about to build a new Sanctuary. It is a joint Methodist-Anglican-Presbyterian Church but the Constitution evidently requires that always it is administered in the Methodist tradition. It is over 50 years old.

However, it is a BIG Church in every way – with six different services on Sunday mornings each targeted at a different type of congregation, the Bulletin lists four full time team Ministers and five assistant Ministers/Pastors plus pastoral Support staff. All nine team Members are ordained clergy. It is led by the Superintendent Minister [a Methodist of course!] and the Church Minister who is an Anglican but I do not know the denomination of the others, at least one of whom must be a Presbyterian Minister. Strangely, there is a wide social mix between people who are everyday workers through to senior business people, but they all seem to mix well.

I must tell you about today – the ‘4th Service- English/Family’ as it is called begins at 1130 but it was a little late because the third service [the Youth Service which began at 0930] did not file out until just after 1130, so we began at about 1140. The Sanctuary seats about 400 people and the overflow sit on benches outside and watch the service on CCTV screens. Evidently it is full up for all main services. For the first 20/25 minutes or so there is community hymn/chorus singing, Africa style. {A bit ‘Moody & Sankey’, in some ways, I am happy to say] The 24 person uniformed choir leads but the Church Minister is very musical and has a guitar and a strong voice and he is a sort of cheerful Master of Ceremonies and gets the crowd working. It is both joyous, noisy and sprinkled with clever wit – hand clapping, feet stomping and shaking hands with neighbours always takes place, It is all done standing up but some older people sit down when it gets a bit too much!

After this come the announcements by one of the pastors-always cheerful and identifying individuals for praise if they have done anything for the church – and this always gets a big cheer and clapping. Announcements about future events come here – next Saturday a Ladies Convention is being held in the Church and people are told to turn up early with a free gift for the first 50 –‘the maximum number is 250 people, so do not turn up late!’.

The Minister asked if any teenagers were in the congregation and one feckless youth put his hand up- he was asked to stand up and then all other teenagers were asked to stand up –there ‘ teens service’ was being held by the Youth Pastor in the next building and would they please go there – the Assistant Youth Pastor then stood up and asked them to follow him –everybody clapped when they left and the Minster said we should thank God first, because perhaps we could get another Youth Pastor from this group in a few years’ time.

People who not attended before were asked to stand up and introduce themselves – we all then sang a welcome song to them……..and we all clapped hands again! One newcomer was deaf and the Minister asked if anyone knew sign language – nobody did, but he then asked someone to write the man a note there and then [we all waited], telling him to come back next Sunday and they will have found a signer to sit with him, without fail. The man beamed happily.

The preacher was a person from the choir; a cheerful lady in her thirties. She spoke authoritively without notes for about 25 minutes and was very inspiring and enthusiastic – all services on Sunday morning have the same theme [summarised in the Weekly Bulletin] but, I guess, individually presented by the various different Preachers and the different Services.

They are very big on Prayer Groups and seem to have at least 14 house Groups that meet fortnightly or so with details in the Bulletin. They do not seem to have any Rambles though!

Just a few odd things –

  • they have a school of Prayer and you can progress from level 1 through to Level 3
  • Meetings seem to begin on weekdays at 7.0, 7.30 or 8.00………in the morning!
  • They only say the LORDS Prayer at the Communion Service [the 0700 Service on Sunday]
  • They always have a Church Bookstall selling Christian Books, CDs and other items
  • They own a school bus, as they run a school on site
  • They have a daughter Church

If you are interested – go to .

This is New Testament Methodism I think?

I have seen nothing quite like this in the UK, but it is very thought provoking to go there.


Awards Evening for Boys and Girls Brigades


This Event will take place on Wednesday 24th June at 6.30 p.m. Everyone is welcome to come along and see what the Brigades have been up to.

To give you an idea of what to expect an article about a previous awards Evening is below.

During the Evening, Relatives and Friends of the Boys and Girls  Brigades attended the Annual Display and Awards Evening. This was an opportunity for us all to see what the Brigades had been up to during the last year, and congratulate them on the Badges they had achieved. We were pleased to welcome the Boys Brigade Battalion President, to present the Awards.
Our thanks to all who where involved in this enjoyable event.

To see more about the Brigades please look at


Congratulations Blue Team

Congratulations to the Hedge End Methodist Blue Football Team who won there match against Leigh Park yesterday. Making them the proud holders of the Solent Churches League Cup. The score of the Match was 2 Goals to 1.   A short Video of the team receiving the Cup was shown during this mornings Church Service.

If you would like to find out more details about the Cup Final or about the football teams please see.

New Music Makers Concert

The New Music Makers have a concert coming up on Friday 5th June at the  Berry Theatre in Hedge End.

The New Music Makers practice their singing in Hedge End Methodist Church on a Thursday Evening.

More details about them and  there  concerts can be found at:-

More details of the concert at the Berry Theatre can be found at

Happy Gardeners and Jigsaw Puzzlers

2015-05-01 09.22.21

On Saturday 2nd May we held our Jigsaw Puzzle Festival and Plant Sale.  This event was attended by well over a hundred people some of whom had travelled to be with us for the occasion and some Hedge End regulars.

We sold  over 150 of the ready assembled jigsaws and several hundred plants.  No doubt many of the people who have been preparing for this event for months are pleased to have space in there homes and garages again.

Many People took the opportunity to catch up with their friends while eating the cakes and ploughmans lunches that were available on the day.

Our Thanks to the Village Hall and the United Reform Church for kindly lending us the extra tables needed.  Our Thanks also to all those people who helped in any way to make this event possible.

Many people asked if we would be holding another Jigsaw Festival in the future; this decision has not yet been made, but watch this space.

In the meantime we are looking forward to our Autumn fayre which will be held on the 17th October.

Football Teams

Please note that for various reasons a decision was made in 2018 to disband the Football teams.  Our thanks to everyone whom has made the teams possible over the years.

Since 2009 Hedge End Methodist Church has had  two football teams who complete in the Solent Churches League. They are known as Hedge End Methodist Reds and Hedge End  Methodist Blues. The Solent Churches League has been described as “Church teams whose aims are to use football as a tool to share the Christian message with others”.  There is no requirement for players to be practicising Christians or religious but they are required to fully respect the faith and abide by the league and Club rules.

We are pleased to report that the  Blue Team has gone through the whole season without losing a Match. The Team hopes to continue its success by beating Leigh Park  in the League Cup final which will be played on  16th May.

If you would like to find out more details about this Match or what the Red Team have been up to please see

Jigsaw Puzzle Festival and Plant Sale

Spring Fayre

On Saturday 2nd May from  10 a.m. to 4 p.m. we will be holding a JIGSAW PUZZLE FESTIVAL AND PLANT SALE There will be an Admission charge of 50p which will give you access to hundreds of Jigsaws to View and Purchase, of several different sizes up to 1000 pieces. The Jigsaws are displayed already made up so you can see all the pieces are there. When you buy one it will be placed in a plastic bag, back into its box. Plants for Sale including,Annuals– many varieties, Perennials,Herbs Veg plants,Tomato hanging baskets and Potted summer flower arrangements. Refreshments available all day including Ploughmans at Lunchtime.

Easter Jammy Church

2014-04-12 11.44.59

On Saturday 11th April from 10.30 to 12.30 we will be holding our Easter Jammy Church. This is an opportunity for everyone to come together for Worship, Crafts, watching a Puppet Show, and Food.

The Picture above shows one of the craft Activitys in 2014 when Easter Gardens were Made.   Although the activities are based around families, people of any age are welcome to attend.  People are not obliged to stay for the whole session you could just pop in to see what we are up to.

More information can be found on the Jammy Church Facebook page.

Music Festival

Members of Hedge End Methodists Girls Brigade will be taking part in the National Boys and Girls Brigade Music Festival. This will take place on Saturday 28th March at Chandlers Ford Methodist Church. This event has been run by the Brigades since 2007. More details about the event can be found at

We hope that everyone taking part in this event has a great time.

More details of the girls Brigade can be found by following the links below.

Got Questions about Life ?

We are Running “The  Alpha Course” at Hedge End Methodist Church.

Begins 17th April for 11 Weeks.

Starts 18.30 on Fridays in the Church Hall.

First a light Meal then a DVD presentation then a short break, then Discussions it will end about 21.00.

Christians will always be seeking to know more of him and are still asking questions about him – was he merely a man or is he the Son of God?

This course will ask – and attempt to answer – such questions as – “ Is there more to life than this” –“ Who is Jesus?” – “ Why and how do I pray?” – “What about the church?” and many more.

If you wish to attend the course or just find out more about Alpha please speak with one of the church stewards. <