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October Broader Horizons

Please note that the interviewee for this broader Horizons will now be Rev Geoffrey Scarlett who is known to many of us, and has written poems which are elsewhere on this site.  This is because Rev. Les Judd is unwell at present.  All the other details of the meeting remain the same.

Our next Broader Horizons meeting will be on Sunday 15th October at 7 p.m.  The Interviewee on this occasion will be Rev Les Judd. who is personally known to many of us.  As a taster to the evening the next paragraph is a short biography which Les has written .

Les, grew up in Birmingham, though he was born in S. Wales. He  candidated for the Methodist  ministry after spending  5 years as an electrical estimator, and was ordained in 1972. He has served the church in the USA, having a pastorate in Ohio and on the prairies in North Dakota,  as well as 3 short exchanges of pulpits. In Britain he has worked in churches in the North East to the south of the country, and he actually ‘sat down’ the Methodist term for ministerial retirement,  while serving the church in the Caribbean. He enjoys reading, struggling with theology, and walking,  and takes delight in his wife’s global ministry.

The focus of these evenings is to interview  Christians ‘Parkinson style’ to hear of their faith and relationship with God, and how, in their professional roles, they have had cause to rely on God.

These meetings are informal in style and start with Tea and Coffee.  The previous meetings have been very interesting and have stimulated many different discussions.


Pictures of 2017 Harvest

Above are some pictures taken at the end of the Harvest Festival  service this morning.  The pictures show the goods which were donated this morning and during yesterdays Jammy Church session.  The displays also include pictures and other objects made during Jammy Church yesterday.  The goods donated will be given to the Basics Bank and St Dismas, a Charity that helps the Homeless.


Friends For Harvest


Our Scarecrows have recently been put out to invite people to come to Church next weekend for Harvest.

Sunday 10th September is “Bring a Friend to Church Sunday” why not come along and see us.  We also will be holding a “Harvest” Jammy Church on Saturday 9th September.

For more details about our Harvest activities please see the post.

Harvest Weekend

Thank you to the lady who made the scarecrows and sent us the picture for the blog.


Circuit Service this Sunday Evening

This Sunday (3rd September) Hedge End  Methodist Church will be hosting the circuit welcome service for Deacon Carole Smith.

The event will start with a Faith Tea in the back hall from 5 p.m. The Main Service will be in the Church at 6.30 p.m.

More details about the service can be found in the original post.

Circuit Welcome service for Deacon Carole Smith

More details about Carole can be found in the post below this one.

Introducing Carole Smith

Deacon Carole Smith  whose Circuit welcome service will be held at Hedge End on Sunday 3rd September has kindly written some words introducing herself which are below:

I am from Sheffield and although my family is now spread across the north of England I still like to visit the steel city to catch up with friends. I studied librarianship at Loughborough University and went on to work in the civil service and then the NHS blood donor service. I enjoy walking, pottering in the garden, playing the recorder (not in public!), films, theatre, coffee shops, garden centres and charity shops.

I came to faith as a student but left the church for a few years until I began worshipping at a Methodist Church. There I found a home and discovered a ministry of pastoral care, leading small groups and leading worship before candidating for diaconal ministry. I trained in the diverse community of the Queen’s Theological Foundation in Birmingham and have served for five years in Oxford, living and working on a housing estate.

I am delighted to be a deacon in the Southampton Circuit, primarily involved in Hedge End and Woolston churches and their local communities. I look forward to getting to know everyone and to us serving together in the love of God, and in the name of Christ and in the power of the Spirit.

Warmed Hearts from Zimbabwe

Alison has given us permission to reproduce here an Article she wrote for the connexional world church office,telling of some of her and Les’s activities in Zimbabwe.

Warmed hearts’ has been the theme of the celebration of 40 years of Autonomous mission in the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe and we have certainly experienced a warm glow in our hearts these last few days. Since the opening ceremony on Thursday evening, the National Sports Stadium in Harare has seen up to 40,000 Methodists singing, dancing, praying, being inspired by Bible-based preaching and worship, culminating in an excellent sermon by General Secretary, Revd Dr J Dube, and communion for everyone on Sunday morning. Time and again, speakers have acknowledged the guidance and provision of a faithful God over many years. The expressions of joy and trust in God in the face of many challenges, particularly the economic situation, have been matched by the generosity shown to us as visitors. It has also been good to see a number of the UK Zimbabwe Methodist Fellowship here with their Chaplain Rev Cleopas Sibanda. Today, with World Federation Area President Sipiwe Chisvo as our guide, we have enjoyed visits to the Connexional Offices, the Women’s Centre and the Matthew Rusike Children’s Home, where Revd Margaret Mawire is Director.

By Alison Judd, The World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women

The Pictures accompaying the article and more articles by Alison and others working for Methodism in the world can be found on the connexional world church office website at

Broader Horizons 5

Please note this post was updated on 10th September to reflect the fact that for various reasons the meeting described below has been postponed. Hopefully it  will take place next year.  The next meeting is now 15th October.  More details will be posted nearer the time.

Our fifth  Broader Horizons meeting will be on Sunday 17th September at 7 p.m.  These events are held in the Church rather than the Hall. The interviewee will be a lady called Caroline who is a hospital consultant specialising in the Rehabilitation of people who have had their brains affected by injury or illness

The focus of these evenings is to interview  Christians ‘Parkinson style’ to hear of their faith and relationship with God, and how, in their professional roles, they have had cause to rely on God.

These meetings are informal in style and start with Tea and Coffee.  The previous meetings have been very interesting and have stimulated many different discussions.

Northam Methodist Caribbean Evening

Caribbean Evening at Northam Methodist

On Saturday 23rd September at 7 p.m.   Our Friends at Northam Methodist  Church will be holding their Caribbean evening.  Several of us have attended this event in past years and it is good fun.  Music is provided by the “Harbour Lights Steel Band” and there is a buffet meal.  Tickets are available at a cost of £5.

previous articles on this site about this event are at

Caribbean Evening

Caribbean Evening

Caribbean Flavours

If you would like to order tickets online  to be picked up and paid for on the day please fill in the form below and your request will be passed onto them. Please do so by Wednesday 20th so that catering can be sorted.