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Carnival Preparation

We have been preparing for the carnival for several weeks now.  We checked on insurance matters and filled in application forms, to ensure our gathering is legal.  There should be 20-25 people representing Hedge End Methodists in the carnival procession which starts right outside the church building at 2:15pm on Saturday 4th July 2015.  Lets hope for no rain.  We have been making walking banners to the theme of “All things bright and beautiful”, and “Jammy Church”.  We should be able to do well with that theme.  We have been making static banners and getting tea, coffee, cups and portable boilers, so we can offer refreshments, chat and make friends in the church car park, next to the start of the procession.  We hope to make the friendship and enthusiasm of Hedge End Methodists and Jammy Church, apparent to our local neighbours and have a good time.  We would love you to come too!


Ramblers Programme for 2014

Thu 20 Mar    Rambling Group Lunch with Michael and Jenny
Sat  05 Apr     Saturday Ramble with Jenny and friends
Mon 21 Apr     Easter Treasure Hunt and lunch with Brenda and Alec
Thu 15 May    Evening Ramble with Colin and Sue
Sat  31 May    Saturday Ramble with Michael and Marilyn
Thu 19 Jun     Evening Ramble with Jeff and Pat
Tue 01 Jul      Day in the country with Brian and Marlene
Tue 15 Jul      Evening Ramble with Stuart and Maureen
Thu 07 Aug     Evening Ramble with Geoff and Val
Mon 25 Aug    BBQ with Malcolm and Margaret
Thu 28 Aug     Evening Ramble with Margaret and friends
Sat  06 Sep    Day on the Isle of Wight with Chris and Diane
Sat  27 Sep    Saturday Ramble with Diane & Dennis
Sat  25 Oct     Saturday Ramble with Jennie
Thu 01 Jan     New Year Ramble with Chris and Val

These walks are an opportunity for fellowship and to broaden our knowledge of the areas around us. If those responsible for an event are unable to organise and lead it, please arrange an exchange with one of the other people on the list or find someone else, who can take your place. Although Saturday Rambles usually include an optional lunch, evening Rambles only include a supper venue at the discretion of the organisers/leaders.

Organisers should pass details of the meeting place, time (and meal venue, if appropriate) to Michael for inclusion in the weekly notice sheet as early as possible.

A warm welcome is given to anyone who would like to join us.
Enquiries to Jenny

Nativity construction day

Yesterday our younger friends had fun at our Saturday craft and fun day (we call JAMMY church).  We made nativity scenes out of gingerbread, and enjoyed our regular puppeteer group.  We did lots more craft, played games and sung carols.  We express our ongoing gratitude to the puppeteers. Everyone had a fun time.  We finished with a sit down roast meal for fifty of us.

Monthly Prayer Group

Rachel and Richards monthly prayer group met at Rebecca and Marks yesterday.  Ten of us attended.  Richard played Piano and we prayed about many people who are associated with the church but are secular members or neighbours, or have certain needs.  Our youngest friend played and read about Meccano and Desperate Dan.

2013-12-14 09.21.46
Nativity with Meccano

from Richard:

December 8th to 14th Include in prayers for this week, Jammy Church (the craft and fun day), and in particular for (i) Jacquey, who will be leading the praise and children’s address; (ii) that the cooking goes well, and whatever the numbers, that there will be an abundance of food; and finally an “ask” for  a good turn out from our “regulars”, as well as some new faces.

December 15th to 22nd In this week please include prayers for the Christmas Carol Service, in particular that no illness affects the choir, and musicians; and that the congregation will bring friends and family to the service.

Geoffrey’s House Group

We completed the last week of the advent course yesterday.  Twelve of us attended.  May we take the opportunity to thank Geoffrey for his efforts and to Pam for hosting us.  Many people think that church members are indoctrinated into a single fixed doctrine of belief.  The thoughts and ideas expessed here clearly exposed a wide range of interpretation and belief.  We will be reconvening to start a five week session course between February and April to which you are welcome.  Please speak to Geoffrey for more information.

Pam's mum made this knitted nativity scene.
Pam’s mum made this knitted nativity scene.