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Caribbean Evening

We all really enjoyed the Caribbean Evening at Northam yesterday.  As usual we had a massive amount of food.  This year we had five musicians, who were really cool (was that hot).  The atmosphere was fantastic.  Thankyou Gordon.  Thankyou ladies in the kitchen.


Our New Scarecrows


Meet our New Scarecrows. “Wurzel” and “Sally” these were made by kind volunteers at the weekend. They have been placed outside the Church to publicise our Harvest Festival. Which will take place this Sunday. (See the Harvest Festival  2015 blog for details).  We have made scarecrows for this event for three years now. We hope that the weather improves and we will not have to call them “Wet” and “Soggy” instead.

Quote of the week

From the writings of Dale Carnegie:

Hate burns up more energy than anything else, more than hard work, illness or justifiable worry.  So when hatred is entering our hearts, let’s put it out, make room for pleasant thoughts instead, save our precious God-given energy for something worthy of it.

Caribbean Evening

Northam Methodist Church Caribbean Evening 2015

It was with great pleasure that several of our fellowship returned again to support the Caribbean Evening with our friends at Northam Methodist Church.  About seventy people turned up to a lively and fun event.  Vicki started the proceedings with a few readings before our first instrumentalist began.  Depicted here are Gordon and Harry playing on their steel drums.  Gordon started with three or four songs before Harry accompanied on bass.  Then came the first of tonights dinners.  In the room opposite the lobby was a mega-buffet consisting of boiled and battered fish and meats and a wide range of other goodies, to be followed by pudding.

During the second half of the concert, the room started to heave and vibrate with the rhythm and people started to dance.  A bit later the second curry dinner was served.  We met lots of people we only see now and again including friends from Woolston Methodist Church.  At the end it was announced that proceedings be split between church renovation and another struggling church (I think on Saint Vincents?).  This is indeed a kind gesture because Northam Church building has huge structural issues itself.  We left with tunes ringing in our ears.  Apparently all eight of the steel band players often turn up to conduct Christmas carols.  We must remember to try and find out when, so we can support our local friends more often.

Four Newsletter Prayers

We offer to God our prayers of thanksgiving for 90 years of Hedge End Methodists in the building at St John’s Road:

Caring Lord, God
We thank you for all your years of care for us, in our community,
congregation and personal lives.
Throughout the 90 years, we thank you for being with us always,
in the past, now and eternally.
For leading and guiding us through the presence of your living Son;
Through being with us in spirit;
Through guiding us in our troubles, and blessing us in times or happiness.
For you can see and smile on all those who have entered this building during these 90 years;
And you lead us now into the future, according to your will and your ways;
And finally we thankyou, for today, for now, and for enabling us to worship you in this place today.

Let us offer to God our prayers for the Parade Youth and their families:

Loving Lord,
Help us to be examples of a living faith in you,
so that our youngsters may not grow too sceptical, as many of them do.
Help us that we may be able to support parents: whether as grandparents in their important role,or as youth leaders, in Brigades or Sunday School.
Help us to avoid being unknowing condescending, or dumbing down your word;and bless our young ones with love and fun and enthusiasm, as we offer them all we can to make their lives better.
Help us all to focus on the best way of life you offer us all now
through the ever present eternal grace and life of Jesus Christ, your Son

A prayer of thanksgiving for the joy of life

Thankyou God, for the Mother singing on the District line
Thankyou God, for the Bronze Horses of Camden Market
Thankyou God, for the Double Staired Boris Bus
Thankyou God, for Eltham Meccano Exhibition
Thankyou God, for twelve year old Rachael being a Tom Boy
Thankyou God, for Rhubarb in the Garden, and Pansies in Winter
Thankyou God, for Minecraft and the Exploding Benjamin
Thankyou God, for Wurzel and Sally, and their cheerful welcome
Thankyou God, for the new hand rail into the rear hall
Thankyou God, for puppeteers at Jammy Church sessions
Thankyou God, for the children on our Baptism roll
Thankyou God, for your angels, and our forebears, smiling with us today
Thankyou God, that you are the God of joyous life and not just serious faces.
and Thankyou God, for your word, in the beginning and end
your grace and kindness, here now and forever

We have been thinking about prayer, in both the Sunday Morning Services and in the Monthly House Prayer Group.

Lord God,
Help us in our prayers, for you know what is in our hearts.
Help us when we struggle to know what to say to you.
Help us to realise that you already know our thoughts.
Help us to listen to your word, and be ready to receive your wisdom.
And when we feel too tired to either speak or listen,
Give us the gift of being able to just sit back,
relax, and feel your joy, love, grace and majesty.