Website Privacy

As a pastoral care organisation we are very careful when determining the level of confidentiality for the private personal nature of the things we know about those for whom we care.  We understand that information placed on the internet has a special kind of public exposure and we are careful to act accordingly.  To this end we observe the following guidelines when publishing on the church websites.  As there are several church websites run by different groups of people (including minors) and we want to encourage this enthusiasm, sometimes these principals may vary from time to time, but we try to follow them here.

  1. All photos either have the complete consent of the people in the photographs or are vouched for by an individual who maintains responsiblity for the church group in which context they were taken.  Most photos contain people, to whom it was specifically explained, when the photo was taken, that the photo would be used on the internet.
  2. Special care is taken in the photography of young children and vernerable adults, their faces being defocussed if necessary and parental or other permission sought.  The joining conditions of the Boys Brigade allows use of photographs to further the purposes of the brigade unless parents opt out.
  3. No identifiable link is made between names of people and photographs, unless personal permission has been obtained.
  4. People are refered to by first name only unless they give personal permission, or they are have a published public preaching role in the wider Methodist church.  Children or vulnerable adults are never refered to by name.
  5. Personal data will be displayed but only under the most appropriate circumstances, and with consent, e.g. marriage of well known church members.  we love good news.
  6. Any objections will be dealt with, and information removed accordingly.  We do not want to upset.
  7. Blog commenters who leave personal details will be published or kept private according to context.
  8. There is a database held on paper which holds many of the personal preferences of regular church friends, in line with the data protection act with reference to non profit making clubs and societies.
  9. The church blogs and websites are intended to inform, enlighted and entertain to the Glory of God and not to offend.  We will try our best, but we are only human.  In particular we try not to descriminate, libel or overly evangelise, but to share our joy in what happens day by day.
  10. This list is intended by us to indicate to you of our care and good intention.  It is not here to replace or undermine any other rules and regulation as determined by the Methodist church, or any legal law/litigation system.  Please be as friendly to us as we want to be to you.

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