Past Ministers

One of our members has recently spent a good deal of time compiling a list of Ministers of Hedge End Methodist Church from 1898 to the present day.  They have consulted a Variety of sources in order to ensure the accuracy of the information, however some of the information in one publication is conflicted in another.  If you know other information which can add to this list, we would be grateful if you could let us know.

Prior to 1924
Revd. K. Squire 1898-1899
Revd. S.M. Beard 1899-1900
Revd. D. Murley 1900-1901
Revd. T.E. Mundy 1901 -1904
Revd. J.E. Squire 1904-1904
Revd. T. Quance 1904-1905
Revd. J. Morris 1905-1908
Revd. E.A. Coome 1908 –
Revd. A. Harris
Revd. W.L. Gibbs
Revd. J. Ash
Revd. R.J. Pollard
Revd. T.J. Truscoft-Chapman 1920-1922
Revd. D.L Cann
Revd F. Trezise 1922-1926

From 1924 (Present Building)
Revd. F. Trezise 1922-1926
Revd. F.R. Lee 1926-1928
Revd. A.C. Phillips 1928-1932
Revd. W.H. Bridge 1932-1937
Revd. E. Greeves 1937-1940
Revd. H.T. Greeves 1940-1941
Revd. T.W. Sanders 1941-1943
Revd. C. Willson 1943-1945
Revd. G. Davis 1945-1946
Revd. A.G. de Fue 1946
Revd. B.S. Titmus 1947
Revd. G.R. Lewis 1947-1948
Revd. R.B. Hyde 1948-1951
Revd. C.R. Scott 1951-1955
Revd. Walter R. Cummings 1955-1960
Revd. Walter Suffield 1960-1961
Revd. George H. Yates 1961-1964
Pastor J. Geoffrey South 1962-1963
Revd. William H Jones 1964-1966
Revd. Basil K. Matthews 1966-1968
Revd. John D. Walker 1968-1969
Revd. Christopher J. Lewis 1969-1973
Revd. Brian L. Pickett 1973-1978
Revd. William R. Kent 1981-1986
Revd. Claude A. Nurse 1986-1990
Revd. Walter Suffield 1990-1991
Revd. Valerie Chapman 1991-1995
Revd. Mark Jones 1995-2000
Revd. Peter McNeil 2000-2004
Revd. Stephen Wright 2004-2005
Revd. Beale Griffin 2005-2010
Revd. Geoffrey Scarlett 2010-2011 and Revd. Terry Hudson 2010-2011
Revd. Christine Coram 2011 – 2014

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