Mission Statement

This is the mission statement of Hedge End Methodists:

The Mission of our Church is to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, God’s Son and to promote and enhance the work and growth of the Church.

To this end we will continue and improve upon our church activities which cover all age groups and which aim to cater for the social as well as the spiritual needs of society today.

I prefer this poem attributed to William J Crocket, with thanks to Ann and Tony:

A People Place

 If this is not a place where tears are understood
Where can I go to cry?

If this is not a place where my spirit can take wing
Where do I go to fly?

If this is not a place where my questions can be asked
Where do I go to seek?

If this is not a place where my feelings can be heard
Where do I go to speak?

If this is not a place where you will accept me as I am
Where can I go to be?

If this is not a place where I can try to learn and grow
Where do I just be me?

I was reading an interesting blog about bringing babies into church (references on the Saturday School Facebook page and linked in our chilrens section) and I suddenly thought of this, loosely based upon it.

We do not wait for believers – we make friends now!
We care for all God’s children – as we attempt in the spirit to do what Jesus would do.

At our last prayer group, we prayed about all the people in our wider church, who use or pass through our church group, but are not regular Sunday morning sitters.  We pray that our friendship shines in the way that God would like, without imposing human timescales or agendas.  The Son of God did not live on earth to implement Sunday church service, but to included us all in the grace of his pastoral care without exclusions or limits.

Yet another idea:

We give everyone the opportunity of an earthly job in the community of love;
So that God’s family may seek fruitful pilgimage with Jesus together

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