The Church Charity is the Methodist Relief and Development fund(MRDF). (More details of this charity are given below). For the previous few years our Church Charity has been the Naomi House Hospice. The main charity the Church supports is chosen by our members and changed every few years.

in addition to the Church’s Chosen Charity, Hedge End Methodist Church is supportive of a number of charities in various different ways. Some of these charities are associated with the Methodist Church and some have been chosen for support by our members. These include Action for Children, Methodist Homes,Macmillian Cancer support, and Samaritan Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Appeal.

MRDF – our new Church Charity
MRDF is the Methodist Church body that brings about significant and long term change in some of the world’s most marginalised communities, and to empower people to change structures that are oppressive and unjust.
MRDF grew out of the desire to enable Methodist people to respond effectively, in the context of global poverty and injustice, to the commandments of Jesus to love God and love our neighbour. Believing in the dignity of every human being before God, MRDF aims to make small miracles possible for people living in the world’s poorest communities. They work on the basis of greatest need, regardless of religion or race.

To fulfil this charge, MRDF has three core priorities

contribute to the eradication of poverty, through transformative long term development and disaster relief.

increase the effectiveness of overseas partner organisations to contribute to the eradication of poverty

challenge the causes of poverty and injustice through education and advocacy, both in the UK and overseas

MRDF began with a scheme in the 1940s to house refugees in Austria and Germany after World War II. It continues today to respond to emergencies and now focuses on long-term development work with grants given to agricultural training schemes, nursing services, and schools for disabled children. It became a registered charity in 1985. Today it supports more than 40 local, community-based organisations in 19 of the poorest countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, helping individuals and communities to transform their lives and become more self-sufficient.

In 2011, MRDF: supported 110,000 people to improve their quality of life through 45 long-term development projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America provided vital humanitarian aid in 22 separate emergencies in 18 countries supported campaigning on issues of debt, trade and climate change were ranked 3rd out of 25 charities for overall satisfaction in an anonymous survey of overseas partners about the way we work provided capacity building support to 36 overseas partners Each year MRDF enable thousands of individuals and churches across the UK to take practical action to empower some of the world’s most marginalised people. Over 620 churches used the MRDF ‘Abundant Harvest’ resources, while a further 300 small groups used the study pack ‘What does the Bible say about food?’ To learn more, visit:


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