The thought provoking Poem below was written for us by Rev. Geoffrey Scarlett

The poem below contains the following abbreviations:
CH: Church; RI: Religious Instruction; ST: Saint; MAS(S): a service of worship.

CHRISTMAS is a lovely word

1.  CHRISTMAS is a lovely word
Of love and joy and peace.
Who needs CHurch? Let’s strike it out.
That fellowship must cease!

2. RISTMAS is a damaged word,
But now that CHurch has gone, 
Who needs RI studies, when
They don’t help – just move on!

3. STMAS is a stunted word,
That we can do without –
Banish that ST. Nicholas!
‘Where’s Santa?’, we all shout.

4. MAS is such a useless word
With CHRIST erased somehow.
Let’s get rid of MAS(S) as well.
Who needs such service now?

5. We’ve lost CHRISTMAS, I’m afraid:
No word for this glad time.
Winter, but no CHRISTMAS
And, alas then, no more rhyme!....

6…. But if XMAS all around
Becomes CHRISTMAS once more,
Let’s praise the new-born Jesus 
And kneel down to adore!

7.  Who heard of such a child? – How odd!
God’s gift to us – the Son of God!

Geoffrey Scarlett 2022