Hedge End Methodist Church has recently received our delivery of the Methodist Prayer Handbook for 2022/23. This publication works in with the Methodist Church year and starts on the 1st of September. Many of us use this book to assist with our personal prayer, it is also useful to use when leading meetings, praying with the Preacher, etc.

Each year the theme of the Book is different the 2022 books theme is “The Greatest Commandment”, the 2021 books theme was “a place for All”

The book contains a lectionary which also highlights days that are special in various ways throughout the Church year and events such as Christian Aid week. There are general prayers at the beginning and end of the book. The Main book consists of Methodist focused information about various different parts of the world, under numbered days of the Month for example in this handbook the 21st highlights Japan, South and North Korea and Lancashire. The idea is that each month you go through the numbered pages, on the correct days of the month, so the 31st does not get used so often.

If you would like a copy of the Handbook they can be ordered through the Methodist Publishing house