As part of our Exploration of the 5th Holy Habit “Eating Together” there will be a Curry Night in the Hall at 6. p.m. on the evening of Saturday 9th July. There will be three curries available, Meat, Fish or Vegetable and also Breads and Chutneys, and a pudding. All our welcome and you are able to turn up on the night,. if you are able please let us know that you wish to attend before hand, so that we have an idea of how many to cater for – as an Eco Church we are trying to avoid Food Waste. There is no charge, but if you are able a donation of £10 is suggested, any money not required to cover expenses will be put into the Church funds.

This event follows on from the Breakfast held on the 29th May we have also been exploring the Holy Habit of “Eating Together “during Church Services and Housegroups. We have been amazed to realise how many instances of Eating are in the Bible.

We have so far explored the Holy Habits of Praying, Worship, Breaking Bread and Biblical Teaching.

The Holy Habits material is all based on those mentioned in Acts 2.42-47:There are 10 Holy Habits so we have 5 more to go.

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