On Thursday 16th June some of us attended the Southampton District Methodist Women in Britain Sharing Day at Romsey Methodist Church. This event was titled “Walk this way”.

We started by being ask to identify a Hymn from the description being given, it turned out to be “Guide me, Oh thou great Jehovah”. The link with walking in this instance being the reference to Pilgrimage. We then sang the Hymn. This was followed by a Bible study on the following four passages,

Exodus 1 1-20

Luke 8 43-48

Mark 7 24-30

Luke 24

We then sang “will you come and follow Me”, this was followed by News from the Southampton District MWIB and from the National MWIB and associated Charities and items of interest in the wider world. This included an announcement that the MWIB District Service team had taken a Service in Andover last weekend and were due at two other Churches this Quarter. One of these other Churches was Hedge End and we look forward to hosting them on Sunday 17th July.

We were given an explanation of the Prayer Stations around the room, which all started with Footwear and led into themes such as Climate Change, Education and Refugees.

We then had our Lunch which was an excellent opportunity to catch up with others.

After Lunch we had a choice whether to stay in the building and do Macramé , follow the Cushion Labyrinth, or use one of the Prayer stations, or to go outside and Walk to the the Labyrinth which was suited about a quarter of an hours walk away at the Wisdom Centre, by Romsey Abbey. The groups by chance divided neatly into two, which resulted in 15 of us Walking to the Labyrinth. We Spent some quiet time and some Prayerful time walking the Labyrinth and then returned. It was good to see some of Romsey.

When we returned we viewed what the others had been making in our absence.

The meeting then closed at 3 p.m. with Prayers and Grace.

This day gave us an opportunity to meet with and share stories with  over 30 women, members of 5 different Methodist Circuits  were represented including people from Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset and Wiltshire. It was good to make new friends and meet up with old ones, some of whom we had not seen since 2019.

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