This year Action for Children Sunday takes place on 10th July.

Action for Children Sunday is when we often use part of the service to learn more about the charity Action for Children. The Theme the Charity has chosen this year is “There is a Star in Every Child, help them shine”. one of the bible readings this theme is based on is Psalm 147 verse 4 which states “He determines the number of the stars; he gives to all of them their names.”

Action for Children was originally started by a Methodist Minister and two friends in 1869. In the past it was known as National Children Homes. They now do not run homes but support children and families in practical ways. In 2021 they helped 604885 people, this is nearly twice as many people as they helped in 2019! . There work can be split into three areas, Best Start in life, Good Mental Health, and a safe and loving Home.

If you would like to donate to Action for Children, fundraise for them, or would like to see more details about them their website can be found at

Alternatively The Church has a “Action for Children ” Representative who can tell you more please ask to be introduced.