St James Church West End

Two Poems for Holy Week which have been written for us by Rev Geoffrey Scarlett can be found below. We thank him for his continuing contributions to this website and the life of the Church, they are much appreciated.


Memories you cherish stir the soul –
The love you’ve known, the joys you’ve shared,
Struggles endured  --  with laughter too,
All of the ways you’ve shown you cared.
This is God’s blessing from the past:
His gift of love, that’s made to last.

Seize all the life you can today
Amidst your tears and doubt and pain,
Good days and bad --  they come and go,
But you are by your love sustained!
Here’s is God’s blessing to you now:
‘I’m with you in your darkest hour!’.

Look to the future – glorious sight!
The Lamb of God has died for you,
Raises you to the highest height,
With all his saints, made whole, made new.
This is God’s blessing yet to be:
You share in Christ’s great victory!                  Geoff Scarlett  2022


There can be no grief without love:
May that be a comfort, my friend.
There can be no heavenly life
Till our earthly lives have an end.

There can be no answers on Earth
To questions we ask in our pain,
But God loves us still and supports,
Till we pick up our lives once again.

There can be no access to heaven,
But for the great mercy of God,
A mercy so wide and so deep,
Much greater than we’re dreaming of.

There can be no vict’ry for sin
Or death, for they lie in defeat.
The Cross and the Rising of Christ
Mean the vict’ry of love is complete!

There is an astonishing joy –
Our Lord is alive – with us now,
And Easter brings us his new life,
As before Him in worship we bow!

So have faith for the days still ahead
And rejoice, lift your heart up in praise,
For the Saviour in glory is here
And loves you, my friend, all of your days!

Geoffrey Scarlett --   Easter 2022