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We will be showing a film as part of our exploration of the Holy Habit, ‘Biblical Teaching’. The film is “The Prince of Egypt”. This is an animated film which was made in 1998 and is based on Exodus, which is the book in the Bible which describes the story of Moses life up until he leads the Jews out of Egypt, including the parting of the Red Sea.

Everyone is welcome –The film has a U rating. The film will be shown in the Hall on  Saturday 22nd January at 2.30pm, there will be time for discussing the film afterwards.

This will be the fourth film that has been watched together as we explore the Holy Habits

For more about what Holy Habits is see the blog

Although Holy Habits is a course, it is designed so that people are able to get something out of each individual event, so you are able to attend once, always, or somewhere in between.