Hedge End War Memorial

“Dove of Peace” a Poem for Remembrance written by Rev Geoffrey Scarlett

Where is God’s messenger, the dove of peace?
Is she upon some errand still engaged
To bring an olive branch to those oppressed
And give them freedom, hope and joy once more?
Or does she lie a mess of bloodied feathers,
Dead on the ground, never to rise again?
Oh, cruel world, where hawks attack their prey,
Where bombs and bullets, drones of death hold sway!
See now the gravestones, planted on the land,
The sad inscriptions and the wreaths there laid!
Feel now the grief of widows, orphans, all
Bereft of loved ones, hearts with aching void!
Or is a flutt’ring dove, though hurt and frail,
Still struggling to rise up and fly again?
Who helps this dove – who gives it vital breath
To soar triumphant and defeat harsh death?
Some press for peace, to counter evil ways.
Some soldiers are of peace and not of war
And shall we in that number count ourselves,
To make that diff’rence, so that all may live?
But where comes the forgiveness peace demands?
Where comes the healing love and mercy’s grace,
If not from saving power of the Cross,
From him we rightly call the Prince of Peace?
Come then, O Holy One, come now at last
And rest secure within our needy hearts!
Then may we be ambassadors of peace
And all the conflicts of the world shall cease!

Copyright Geoffrey Scarlett 2021