Update – This will be a normal service not Church with Choices, all the other details in the article remain correct.

You are welcome to join us this Sunday (31st October) for Church with choices. This service will be led by a Methodist Local preacher and will take place in the Chapel and on Zoom at the usual time of 10.30 a.m. (GMT). Unless you want to join in an hour early please remember that the clocks change on Saturday night. If you are joining us in the Chapel please wear a mask and respect the feelings of those who wish to socially distance.

Church with Choices is what we do when there is a fifth Sunday in the Month. This means that several activities will take place at the same time on a theme, in the past this has included craft activities. We successfully managed church with choices in person and on Zoom in August.

The Zoom link is


or type in

Meeting ID: 853 2395 5286              Passcode: 532331

The Picture above was taken at a Church with Choices event in 2019.