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What does Climate Change have to do with church?

The created world is in crisis. The recent fires, droughts, floods and extreme weather conditions are a wake-up call to the fragility of our planet. Day 17 of the Methodist Prayer handbook tells us that 30-40% of the Lincolnshire District could be under the sea by 2050. For many in the Pacific islands, rising sea levels are a present reality.

During the month of September, churches in the UK and beyond are being encouraged to hold a Climate Sunday service. Why? To raise awareness about the current climate crisis, remember our responsibility as stewards of God’s precious creation, and pray about how we as Christians (individually and as congregations) can make a positive difference, however small, to reduce global warming.

Here in Hedge End we have already made a start by registering as an ‘Eco Church’. This scheme is run by A Rocha, a nature conservation organisation. ‘Eco Church’ encourages churches to take action to become more environmentally conscious and to lessen their environmental impact, through focusing on five main topics. The scheme has an awards programme, where churches are classified as Bronze, Silver or Gold based on the environmental action they have taken. Points are awarded based for actions taken in each of the five categories: Worship and teaching, Buildings, Land, Community and global engagement, and Lifestyle. As a starting point, a Bronze Eco Church needs to have achieved 25% of the things in each of the five categories. For more information go to: Eco Church – An A Rocha UK Project or

How to become a Bronze Eco Church (England and Wales) – Climate Justice 4 All

Already we have an Eco team who are working on how we can obtain Bronze status.

Preparations are under way for our Climate Sunday service at Hedge End on 26 September at 10.30am.

You may also like to watch on ‘A New Vision for a sustainable future’ run by the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women. Day 2 of this global event focused on Climate Action and included speakers from A Rocha, young Climate Justice for All ambassadors and a lady from Romsey Methodist Church, already an ECO church with a Gold award.

Our thanks to the lady who wrote this article.