Every two years we choose two Church Charities. One based in the local area and one with am international remit. In 2021 we are due to change our charities.

We have decided to continue with Mission Aviation fellowship (MAF) as our international charity, as circumstances have meant that neither us or MAF have been able to complete our planned activities together.

MAF is a charity which assists more than 18,000 other charities by flying there representatives, clients and goods around the world.They have recently been flying a lot of Coronavirus vaccine. They also fly people to help as well as books and equipment, and even cows and live stock. these pilots often go where no other pilots will go.

As you can see from the picture above we have previously enjoyed visits from MAF and we have also hosted a concert. Do use the search button above for more details of these events. We are looking forward to working with MAF again soon.

More about MAF can be found at



The other charity we have chosen for 2021 is Solent Mind more can be found about Solent Mind in the blog

hedgeendmethodists.wordpress.com/2021/07/16/solent-mind/(opens in a new tab)