The Church has recently taken the first steps towards becoming an ECO Church by registering our interest in starting the programme on the Rocha ECO church website. According to there website he ECO Church scheme is open to churches of any denomination who “Wish to demonstrate that the Gospel is Good News for Gods Earth”.

The first step is towards becoming an ECO Church is to complete the survey on the site. This survey enables us to find out whether we can apply for an ECO award (Bronze, Silver of Gold) according to what we are already doing under various headings: 

1. Worship and teaching 

2. Buildings

3. Land

4. Community and Global Engagement

5. Lifestyle. 

This is more than just changing the building it is a long term project involving learning projects both internally and in the wider community.

More about ECO Church can be found on there website at

We have found that several other churches in the local area have already joined this project and are excited that we are about to join them.

Romsey Methodist Church has already achieved a Gold Award.